Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Yong Chen, Ning Zhao, Yan Zhao Cai, Zhao Jun Yan, Yue Zong Wang

Abstract: In order to solve centralized installation and cooling problems of airborne electronic equipment with big power and high heat flow density...

Authors: Zhen Wei Mu, Zhi Yan Zhang

Abstract: An experiment of a single particle movement in vertical spiral rectangular duct has investigated with the aim to study the rotational...

Authors: Wen Jun Lv, Xin Sheng Ge

Abstract: In this paper, we study the attitude control problems based on model of the 3D axially symmetric rigid pendulum. Three degrees of freedom...

Authors: Hai Xia Wei, Ting Liu, Jie Zhu, Li Jian Tan

Abstract: Taking a structure of single-degree freedom as analyzed object, the problem of structural dynamic response to blasting vibration loads was...

Authors: Zhi Guo Sun, Cheng Xiang Zhu, Chun Ling Zhu

Abstract: Ice accretion on aircraft components is an enormous threat to flight safety. In this paper, ice accretions on the leading edge of the NACA...

Authors: Guo He Guo, Yu Feng Bai, Tao Wang

Abstract: Based on the significant destructive effect of heavy vehicle on uneven roads, two simplified models of pavement unevenness and vehicle...

Authors: Dong Hwan Shin, Ji Nung An

Abstract: In this study, we present the effects of design parameters on the performance of a hopping robot. In particular, we focus on the effects of...

Authors: Dong Hwan Shin, Ji Nung An

Abstract: Fuel efficiency necessitates the use of light weight vehicle parts. Conventional researches have shown that an electro wedge brake (EWB) can...

Authors: Da Wei Sun

Abstract: This paper studies the relations of the homeomorphisms in the contact dynamical systems on compact regular contact manifolds. Using some...

Authors: Kuen Chang Hsieh, Kuen Tsann Chen, Choatponag Kanjanaphachoat, Ching Wen Yeh, Yu Yawn Chen

Abstract: In this study, a finite element method was used to study force transducer anti-deviated load characteristics. Through the changes produced...


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