Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huan Huang, Xiu Chun Dong

Abstract: In this paper, finite element method is compared with analytic method in the analysis of submarine cable fiber excess length. And the...

Authors: Jian Jun Liu, Jian Min Wang, Chong You Jing, Chang Zai Fan, Yuan Zhai

Abstract: The Simplified model of both calculating leakage magnetic field and mechanical force of windings at short circuit condition for a...

Authors: Dian Kai Wang, Yan Ji Hong

Abstract: In order to investigate the mechanism of the formation of the high pressure region which is caused by the type IV interaction, and to...

Authors: Qi Lin Zhong, Shu Yuan Jiang, Huan Ming Chen, Pin Liu

Abstract: Aiming at adscititious magnetic field effect GTAW arc, decrease the maximum welding residual which by arc shape be changed, avoid the...

Authors: Zhe Bo Zhou, Jin Long Zhang, Nan Nan Zhu, Hai Zhen Liang, Qing Hong Zhou

Abstract: Aimed at the work condition and structure's characteristics of a large discharge emulsification pump's crankshaft, the load type of a low...

Authors: Jie Wen Tu, Ai Ping Tang

Abstract: Large diameter and super-long pile has found abroad application in high buildings, super high buildings, large bridges and port engineering,...

Authors: Jin Wu Wu, Ling Zhi Huang

Abstract: An improved higher order method was used in calculating the natural frequency of laminated composite plate. The function of equation of free...

Authors: Wang Qiang Xiao, Dong Ping Duan, He Chuan Bian, Wei Li, Le Deng

Abstract: In this paper, the possibility of applying non-obstructive particle damping (NOPD) into the vibration attenuation for heavy-duty machine...

Authors: Ke Hua Li, Jin Yong Yu, Jun Wei Lei

Abstract: With respect to different weather and sea conditions, the acoustic model under ocean environment was proposed by analyzing the interaction...

Authors: Pang Jo Chun, Mitao Ohga

Abstract: This paper describes the effect of fiber diameter of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) under fatigue behavior and its design method. Some...


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