Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xuan Chen, Hong Yu Luo, Jun Yu, Peng Xiang Yue, Lin Zhou, Yan Ren, Yu Hua Wang, Wan Ping Fang, Xing Hui Li

Abstract: Alcohol-alkali method and base digestion method were investigated to extract proteins from tea residues, respectively. According to single...

Authors: Jin Li Ding, Qun Nan, You Jun Liu

Abstract: Objective: The purpose of this research is to establish a patient-specific finite element model of a spinal tumor and provide a...

Authors: Can Yang, Xiao Hong Yin, Lei Li, Jose M. Castro, Allen Y. Yi

Abstract: In recent years, microinjection molding has been widely used for fabricating polymer components due to its cost effectiveness and...

Authors: Ying Zong, Yuan Bao Sun, Yuan Li Zhao, Xian Yong Wei

Abstract: A subbitumious coal from Erdos, Inner Mongolia, China, was extracted with isometric carbon disulfide/tetrahydrofuran (CS2/THF)...

Authors: Tie Mi, Xin Ming Yu

Abstract: Large amounts of Chinese herbal medicine wastes (CHMW) are produced in the process of processing and manufacturing traditional Chinese crude...

Authors: Xu Li, Kai Liu

Abstract: Experimental study of combustor of heavy-duty gas turbine (E) which is the first independent intellectual property rights has been finished...

Authors: Kai Liu, Li Xu

Abstract: Experimental study on combustor outlet temperature field of heavy-duty gas turbine had been finished on high-pressure test system....

Authors: Jun Qiang Peng, Ping Dong Wu

Abstract: Purpose: To find the relationships between different personality people and their EEG. Method and Procedures: Using the psychology test...

Authors: Yan Ping Hong, Biao Sheng Lin, Hong Yun Ca, Shun Quan Lin

Abstract: The chemical components of fragrant loquat and common loquat extracted by petroleum ether had been investigated using capillary GC-MS. 109...

Authors: Deng Ling Jiang, Guo Wei Ni, Yu Min Zhang

Abstract: The effects of phosphorus and organic carbon on bacterial growth were investigated in the laboratory. The bacteria sampled from the drinking...


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