Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Li Dong, Ji Guo Huang, Meng Sun

Abstract: Aimed at the current problems of capacious of hydrotreater, susceptible to plugging by microbe and the accumulation of ammonia or nitrite...

Authors: Rui Fa Jin

Abstract: The structural and electronic properties of alkannin and its derivatives and their radicals were investigated at density functional level....

Authors: Guo Hua Lu, Fang Fang, Xi Jing Jing, Xiao Yu, Jian Qi Wang

Abstract: Heart rates and breathing rates are widely used to assess the health state of human in clinic. Tranditional method uses eletrodes or sensors...

Authors: Yan Hong Ran, Zhi Fei Che, Wan Qun Chen

Abstract: This paper explains how the Lignin peroxidase and Manganese Peroxidase from Coriolus Versicolor were co-immobilized by chitosan...

Authors: Sheng Hua Lv, Rui Gong, Yan Fen Ma

Abstract: A phenolic copolymer was synthesized from resorcinol (RSC) and 3,5-dihydroxy benzoic acid (DBA) using horseradish peroxidase...

Authors: Jun Yun, Ling Wang, Jia Ying Yuan

Abstract: Objective: To observe the effects of chemosensitizer on expression of P-glycoprotein (P-gp) in multidrug-resistant (MDR) carcinoma cells and...

Authors: Yan Li Liu, Jian Zhang

Abstract: The effects of different etching temperatures (near room temperature) on the length and surface morphology of SiNWs were reported in this...

Authors: Wan Ting Niu, Lu Yao Zhang, Min Pan, Yu Quan Chen

Abstract: Superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) nanoparticles were used more and more universally in biomedical research recently. In order to develop a...

Authors: Xue Li Shen, Ying Le Fan

Abstract: Research on automatic sleep staging based on EEG signals has a significant meaning for objective evaluation of sleep quality. An improved...

Authors: Yun Zhe Ji, Xiao Jie Wang, Yun Ping Wang

Abstract: In this article, the distributions of droplet nuclei with pathogens which was evaporated from the droplets released by cough was and trace...


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