Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xia Ping Zhou, Yi Chao Zhang, Shi Wan Zhang, Wei Jing Ban, Wen Feng Yu, Zhao Zhang

Abstract: Humic acids are biological macromolecules. It has been 500 years since “WU-JIN-SAN” (i.e. humic acid) reported in Compendium of Materia...

Authors: Xi Liu, Jun Liu, Chun Yan Zhu

Abstract: P2P network is autonomous of sharing file quickly and easily. In recent years, a large number of free-riding nodes and malicious nodes...

Authors: Jian Zhong Wang, Tian Ming Chen, Tie Dan Wang, Wu Yi Zhang

Abstract: Based on the analysis of 30 provinces ( except Tibet) in China , this paper used the environmental staffs' number, completed industrial...

Authors: Ji Cai Kuai

Abstract: The dynamic minimum thickness of cut for the ultra-precision machining surface quality is important influence. Between tool and the...

Authors: Zhi Hang Zhang, Li Bin Guo, Hai Cui, Bin Zhang

Abstract: Micro wire electrical discharge machining (Micro-WEDM) is one key micro-processing technology for intricate micro parts. The surface texture...

Authors: Can Yang, Xiao Hong Yin, Jose M. Castro, Allen Y. Yi

Abstract: Microinjection molding has been drawing more and more attention due to its great advantages such as cost effectiveness and mass production...

Authors: Xian Ying Ge, Si Ying Chen, Yin Chao Zhang, He Chen, Pan Guo, Wen Bo Chen, Zhi Chao Bu, Sheng Zhe Chen

Abstract: Airborne 3-D focal imaging LiDAR can take images in a very short gating time (3~5ns), so it can shield background noise instantaneously....

Authors: Ming Xie, Shan Suo Zheng

Abstract: The stochastic properties and discreteness of macroscopic property for concrete appear on mechanical property and fracture surface. In...

Authors: Su Zhang, Zuo Quan Zhang, Xuan Wu, Xiao Yue Li, Rong Zhu

Abstract: According to the price volume relationship of the stock, with the help of the elasticity and plasticity theory in the physics, some new...

Authors: Chen Zhang, Yuan Fang Qu

Abstract: The dielectric properties of Sb2O3-doped (Ba0.732Sr0.26Nd0.008)TiO3.004...


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