Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering II

Volumes 365-366

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Bo Hu, Yi Ding, Jing Ru Bao, Ping Hu

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the crashworthiness design of the front rail on a vehicle chassis frame structure considering uncertain crash...

Authors: Rui Hua Li

Abstract: As the reason for large transmission ratio, small center distance and interference on translational motor body, the design method of...

Authors: Chao Li, De Ping Yu, Da Ke Wu, Xiu Quan Cao, Jin Yao

Abstract: Collimators are used in radiosurgery or radiotherapy systems to accurately focus their high-energy rays on the target to avoid causing...

Authors: Min Zhi Yu, Xian Kui Li

Abstract: Based on an superposition principle, a new type of mechanically driven non-sinusoidal oscillation device has been designed. It has been...

Authors: Li Yang Xie, Wen Xue Qian, Ning Xiang Wu

Abstract: Taking into account the uncertainty in material property and component quality, a complex mechanical component such as a gear should be...

Authors: Xian Fei Xia, Kai Wu, Qing Peng Zhu, Yu Sun, Qing Hai Jiang

Abstract: Biomass is a kind of important renewable energy resource, while the solidification technology provides an effective way for its energy...

Authors: Hong Zhi Han, Yan Song An, Da Wei Zhang, Wei Zhu

Abstract: The high-speed spinning bell electrostatic automatic machine is the key equipment of the automotive coating line. A simplified mathematical...

Authors: En Guang Zhang

Abstract: The weight of platens accounts for about 70% of the entire clamping device of injection molding machine. The reduction in the weight of...

Authors: Hui Qin Jiao, Sui Yang Chen, Xiao Fei Sun, Wu Fan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we use chaos theory to explain the phenomenon in the field of fashion design. First we do a comparative analysis between...


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