Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Xun Zhang, Bing Bing Wang, Xiao Hong Liu, Bao Guo Liu, Yin Xue Wang

Abstract: There have been more and more types of electromechanical products which is detected and controlled with computer aided techniques, and also...

Authors: Jing Luo, Rui Bo Yuan, Yu Bi Yuan, Shao Nan Ba, Zong Cheng Zhang

Abstract: Through analysis and comparison of simple PID control and RBF neural network-PID hybrid control of the pneumatic servo system, then compared...

Authors: Nan Li, Yan Jun Li, Yun Yan Zhang

Abstract: The specific guidance simulation system for the infrared air-to-air missile is built. Seeker model including the target detection and...

Authors: Hong Liang Tian, Xiao Geng Liang, Xiao Hong Jia, Xiao Nan Guo

Abstract: This paper addressed the problem of computing practical time-to-go estimation,when constant relative acceleration and measurement...

Authors: You Jie Ma, Xiao Shuang Li, Xue Song Zhou, Ji Li, Hu Long Wen, Li Ying Jia

Abstract: In power system, when the overload of large-scale power grid results in serious disaster, the nonlinear dynamic bifurcation is obvious. It...

Authors: Yan Li Zhang

Abstract: A method to analyze the acoustic signals collected in fully-mechanized caving face is presented in this paper. Through analyzing the...

Authors: Yan Xiang Wu, Yong Mei Hu, Yu Qing Liu, Min Jie Xue

Abstract: In order to improve the aquaculture monitoring system in China, this paper designs a system adopting the SIMATIC S7-200 CPU226 and PID...

Authors: Jie Jin

Abstract: This paper is concerned the problem of robust absolute stabilization of time-varying delay systems with admissible perturbation in terms of...

Authors: Yi He, Chang Bin Li, Ai Guo Wu, Xiao Nan Zhang, Ying Xin, Wei Zhi Gong

Abstract: This paper analyzes the structure, the physical parameters and the working principle quantitatively of the single-phase DC-turned off High...

Authors: Xu Guang Wang, Ji Wei Zhang, Zhi Guang Guan

Abstract: With the development of society, the smoking safety has attracted a wide spread attention. Cigarette draw resistance is an important...


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