Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shuai Zhang, Yan Huai Qu, Qing Kai Han

Abstract: An indirect approach for distinguishing chaos, surrogate data method, is proposed and applied to analyze non-stationary fault signals in...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Guang Jun Jiang, Chun Lin Wang, Zhi Wei Zhao

Abstract: Life model” is the prediction system chosen for this system. Life model method is a mathematical model of generalized convergence which can...

Authors: Jin Kai Li, Li Yang, Xi Ji

Abstract: Based on sustainable energy development strategy,this article has a deep research on the energy policy and the corrective measure from five...

Authors: Zhao Yu Hu, Jun Xu, Shen Du Luo, Mao Hui Yang

Abstract: In recent years, nanosecond pulse power techniques used in the millimeter-wave solid-state pulse power amplifiers attracted much attention....

Authors: Jiang An Han, Jun Xu

Abstract: A novel millimeter-wave transition from microstrip to rectangular waveguide is introduced in this paper. The theory for this design is...

Authors: Tian Hua Yang, Wan Li Xing, Xing Ping Kai, Run Dong Li, Ye Guang He

Abstract: Rice straw and Tiefa coal were used as experimental materials. Under the conditions of different temperatures and Cl/K molar ratio, the...

Authors: Cai Xia Zhang, Liang Liang Zhuang, Xiang Dong Wang, Hai Wu Rong

Abstract: This paper introduces the Adjacency Matrix at the very beginning, the least transfer between two nodes can be obtained by using the...

Authors: Wei Huang, Wen Jun Wang, Fu Li Bai, Xiang Hui Zhang

Abstract: Phased implementation approach, namely three models: aircraft type distribution model, aircraft scheduling model, robustness model is used...

Authors: Ji Kun Zhao

Abstract: Pore water pressure and the changes of crustal deformation, fault rupture and seismic activity has important influence. So the pore water...

Authors: Ya Qin Fan, Hao Fan, Chao Sun

Abstract: This paper features of IPSec and MPLS technologies, proposes a suitable MPLS VPN security solutions. The program to solve the VPN using MPLS...


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