Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Qin Wu

Abstract: Cooperation of enterprises, colleges and institutes in essence is the management of knowledge supply chain. The cooperation can bring about...

Authors: Chang Chun Li, Zhi Guang Wang

Abstract: SCUBA diving is popular used ,while its safety is not ensured as underwater communication can not be established, in order to improve the...

Authors: Xia Lu

Abstract: Science and technology innovation is the power of enterprise development, since the 1980s, A series of science and technology policies have...

Authors: Xin Wang, Jing Sun

Abstract: Electronic contract platform based on electronic signature technology effectively compensates for the defects of traditional paper contract,...

Authors: Peng Hong, Wang Cong

Abstract: In view of the current application deficiency of neuro-fuzzy network, a new optimal method of neurofuzzy network based on variable precision...

Authors: You Rong Chen, Li Yu, Qi Fen Dong, Zhen Hong

Abstract: The network hub nodes consumed excessive energy and failed prematurely, thus it reduced the network lifetime. In order to solve the problem,...

Authors: Xin Hui Wu, Jing Li, Chang Hai Qin, Zhong Hai Zhang

Abstract: This paper proposes a method of the coupling modal, which is able to miniaturize the tunable cavity filter while keeping its bandwidth...

Authors: Xiao Yun Chen, Yu Kai Yao, Guo Hua Liu, Long Jie Li

Abstract: Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) has attracted lots of research efforts these years, mainly due to its appealing applications in no...

Authors: Xiao Yun Chen, Sha Liu, Long Jie Li

Abstract: The performance of backoff algorithm plays an important role in designing efficient Medium Access Protocols for Ad hoc networks. In this...

Authors: Yan Hui Li, Yu Liang Gao

Abstract: Histogram analysis for wavelet coefficients is powerful steganalysis for detecting the presence of secret information embedded in the...


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