Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zong Ying Li

Abstract: In order to improve the capability of scrambling encryption and anti-aggressive, we extended the two-dimensional Arnold transformation to...

Authors: Hong Xin Li, Jin Hai Su, Chuan Fu Zhang, Chun Yu Shao

Abstract: A robust and efficient key management scheme is necessary for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) to ensure its security. CPK (Combined Public...

Authors: Xue Li Wang, Da Qian Wang

Abstract: We proposed a efficient and intuitive method to show the Online image retrieval result for searching information. The method incorporates...

Authors: Yi Mei Song, Xiao Qing Shang

Abstract: To reduce the pseudo-Gibbs effects and the “curvelet like” aliased curves resulted from using curvelet transform for image denoising, we...

Authors: Huai Lin Dong, Wei Jin Chen, Qing Feng Wu

Abstract: The problem of fatigue is becoming one of the factors impacting on the working and studying people. Therefore, how to detect whether the...

Authors: Xue Kun Yang

Abstract: There exists relationship of mutual benefit and interaction between informatization¬ and the traditional industrial upgrading. Penetration...

Authors: Hua Qun Liu, Liang Bin Zheng

Abstract: This paper firstly analyzed the complicated educational network security conditions, especially its’ real-time protection problems; then...

Authors: Zhen Hua, Ye Wei Li, Jin Jiang Li

Abstract: The purpose of image optimization is that the salient region of image is stand out, and is layout an image met the demand. The existed image...

Authors: Fan Hui, Hai Feng Wang, Jin Jiang Li

Abstract: An image registration based on feature points Krawtchouk moments is proposed. Moments are the shape descriptors based on region. Krawtchouk...

Authors: Fan Hui, Yong Liang Wang, Jin Jiang Li

Abstract: This paper constructs a dyadic non-subsampled Contourlet transform for denoising on the image, the transformation has more directional...


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