Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Mao, Wei Kang Li, Jian Gang Li

Abstract: ANSYS finite element software was utilized to simulate contact non-linear finite element analysis of chain connector for enhancing the...

Authors: Gong Ping Zhang, Chao Yang Duan, Zhi Zhong Liao

Abstract: Morphing wings for winged tactical missile are gaining increasing concern for their potential to improve flight performance. However,...

Authors: Lei Sun, Yun Xian Jia

Abstract: This paper analyzes the origin of maintainability test sample, discusses the problems which exists in the selection process of similar...

Authors: Jian Shi, Ben Lian Xu

Abstract: A second-order system model order reduction method for pre-stressed harmonic analysis of electrostatically actuated microbeams is...

Authors: Ling Jun Zeng, Hong Wu Huang

Abstract: Because the cleaning effect for beach cleaning equipments imported from abroad is not ideal.Considering the character of sand, according the...

Authors: Zhi Lin Zhu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the character and performance of the synthesized test bed on ground of small satellites. By studying several small...

Authors: Zhi Hua Ding

Abstract: Current management of road traffic safety is featured by lower efficiency and quality in China. The paper is intended to seek a possible...

Authors: Chuan Dong Bai, Yan Wang, De Yi Wang

Abstract: Pneumatic cylinders, as a long lifetime product, are used continuously under normal conditions. So Accelerated Life Testing is an important...

Authors: R.N. Huang, T. Wang, B. Liu

Abstract: A Micro WEDM (Micro Wire Electrical Discharge Machining) CNC system is presented in this paper. Its hardware platform adopted PC with...

Authors: Qing Hua Cao

Abstract: In order to improve the steering and braking of the bulldozers, electro-hydraulic proportional control technology is adopted without change...


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