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Authors: Jing Qing Xu, Xing Lin Qi, Liang Liang Ren, Liang Cui
Abstract:Fault symptom of a type of ammunition’s flight control system shows fuzzy, and there is no intelligent fault diagnosis method for this...
Authors: Xue Lei, Cui Rui, Zhu Jing
Abstract:The Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) is a high resolution imaging radar. Some methods used to evaluate the jamming effect of general...
Authors: Juan Chen, Chun Wen Song, Wei Wu
Abstract:This Security Gate is thought to be of great importance to aviation safety. Verification need to be done to make sure of quality of security...
Authors: Yun Yan Zhang, Yan Jun Li, Nan Li
Abstract:A precise integration algorithm for solving the restricted three body problem was put forward based on precise integration method, which...
Authors: Yong Yi Mao, Zi Chao Deng
Abstract:In this paper, a new method is proposed for image encryption by using Transformed Logistic map and Cat map. First, the Transformed logistic...
Authors: Cong Gui Yuan, Xin Zheng Zhang, Shu Qiong Xu
Abstract:A nonlinear correlative time series prediction method is presented in this paper.It is based on the mutual information of time series and...
Authors: Ying Wang, Qin Gao, Yuan Yuan Zhang
Abstract:With the rapid development of e-commerce in China, the trust problems in B2C e-commerce has become a hot issue. This paper introduces the...
Authors: Yang Sheng You, Yang Hua Gao, Yan Ying Chen, Xin Jie Deng
Abstract:Error Ellipse can’t correctly depict the distribution of random variables in non-normal distribution, so this paper presents the concept,...
Authors: Shao Rong Wang, Rui You, Sheng Li, Yi Song Chen, Guo Ping Wang
Abstract:Hurricane visualization is very import to the study of hurricane. In this paper, a particle based hurricane visualization method is...
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