Advances in Science and Engineering

Volumes 40-41

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Qin Yan, Xiao Jian Liu, Zhi Xue Wang, Xiao Bo Che, Cheng Yong Mao, Yang Li, Wei Cheng

Abstract: Requirements modeling is a critical stage in the development of ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) of automotive systems. A typical automotive...

Authors: Xiao Jian Liu, Zhi Xue Wang, Xu Qin Yan, Yang Li, Jian Xin Li

Abstract: Correctly modeling software requirements is one of the grand challenges of current ECU (Electronic control Unit) development. To ensure the...

Authors: Li Ma, Li Hua Li

Abstract: This paper analyzes the sources of high-tech spin-offs’ operational risks, establishes a multifactor hierarchical index system and applies...

Authors: Yan Wu Liu

Abstract: Aiming at laser disturbance to IR homing anti-ship missile, laser disturbance to IR detector was researched. First, link model on laser...

Authors: Guang Fen Wei, Feng Su, Tao Jian

Abstract: The interesting signal is often contaminated by heavy-tailed noise that has more outliers than Gaussian noise. A robust wavelet threshold...

Authors: Jing Xiong, Han Yun Wen, Kai Bai

Abstract: At present, the existing embedded database products have high degree of specialization and dependencies of platform, not fully reflect the...

Authors: Ming Li, Chun Lan Jiang, Zai Cheng Wang

Abstract: Time delay estimation is the basis of target location of multi-sensor network, while the basic analysis of the signal is of key importance...

Authors: Wei Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a new method of vibration signal analysis of coal and gangue based on Hilbert-Huang transform is presented. Empirical mode...

Authors: Yan Zhang

Abstract: This article introduces chirp spread spectrum technology (CSS for short), and location algorithm is optimized. Symmetric double-sided two...

Authors: Huan Hai Yang

Abstract: In recent years, there have been extensive studies and rapid progresses in automatic text classification, which is one of the hotspots and...


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