Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Jin, Lian Yu Zhao

Abstract: This paper introduces design principles and steps of a bootloader, including the analysis of S3C2440A microprocess with its peripherals,...

Authors: Jin Qing Jiang, Hai Tang Zhang, Heng Zhang Zhao, Kun Zhao, Zhi Yong Xu, Xin Yao Chang, Zi Liang Wang

Abstract: This paper presents the generation of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with high specificity against enrofloxacin (ENR) through cell fusion...

Authors: Wei Fan, Chang Cai Cui, Zhong Shen Li

Abstract: Good performance of driving power supply is the key to achieve high-precision positioning of the piezoelectric ceramic. In this paper,...

Authors: Lu Li, Zhong Fu Tang, En Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Electric ancillary service is an important method that ensures the power system to operate safely and stably. This paper discusses the...

Authors: Long Liu, Ming Li

Abstract: The problem of delay-dependent dissipative control for nonlinear neutral delay systems is dealt with. We develop the design method of...

Authors: Li Chen, Heng Bo Xiang, Yong Zhang

Abstract: Prestressed concrete material structures have the properties of higher crack resistance, higher degree of solidity and lighter weight. A new...

Authors: Kai Bo Lu, Min Qing Jing, Heng Liu, Chun Xiao Cong

Abstract: Machining slender workpiece is still a technical difficulty. This paper investigates the dynamic behavior of a slender shaft subject to...

Authors: Hao Ling Ren, Hai Bo Xie, Hua Yong Yang

Abstract: The connection of the engine body and the base was simplified as a spring and a damper to analyze the body vibration of the single piston...

Authors: Bao Lin Xiong, Chun Jiao Lu

Abstract: Based on frequency domain method, the seismic responses of the superstructure-pile foundation-soil system are studied taking the dynamic...

Authors: Xiao Yan Zou

Abstract: This paper presents a game model to analyze the dynamic negotiation process of bilateral contracts in electricity market. This model focuses...


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