Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Feng Bi, Cheng San Yang, Yu Lun Chi, Yong Xian Liu

Abstract: Strain and strain rate are two important parameters evaluating plastic deformation of workpiece in cutting process. Finite element...

Authors: Xin Wu Chen, Li Wei Liu

Abstract: To improve the texture image retrieval rate of contourlet texture image retrieval system, a contourlet-1.3 transform based texture image...

Authors: Cheng Long Gong, Jing Zhuo Wang, Yuan Feng

Abstract: This paper introduces a computer control network system which can control sintering process of four PTFE molding furnaces accurately. System...

Authors: Meng Zeng Cheng, Zhen Lan Dou, Xu Cai

Abstract: In this paper, a control strategy for operation of rotor side converter (RSC) of Doubly Fed Induction Generators (DFIG) is developed by...

Authors: Li Li Yang, Yan Liang Qu, Wen Jie Zhang

Abstract: A co-sol-gel method was used to prepare SiO2-doped TiO2. The amount of ethyl silicate added into the precursor, calcination temperature and...

Authors: Pan Fu, Wei Lin Li, Li Qin Zhu

Abstract: Monitoring of metal cutting tool wear for turning is a very important economical consideration in automated manufacturing. In the process of...

Authors: Xiong Bing Li, Hong Wei Hu, Ling Li, Lin Jin Tong

Abstract: In this paper, the method of data compression in ultrasonic automatic inspection using integral wavelet transform is proposed. The...

Authors: Bing Huang

Abstract: By introducing a degree dominance relation to dominance interval intuitionistic fuzzy decision systems, we establish a degree dominance...

Authors: Wei Bing Zhu, Run Ru Zhu, Li Chao Xing, Xiao Bin Zhang

Abstract: In this work, the mixing characteristic of ternary diameter particle system in a rectangular spouted bed was carried out three-dimensional...

Authors: Xi Dao Luan, Yu Xiang Xie, Yi Hong Tan, Sai Hu, Zhi Ping Chen, Jing Wang

Abstract: This theme focuses on representing and reasoning high-level semantic based on concepts and their space relations. As to multimedia data,...


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