Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Li

Abstract: The Gui-Guang HVDC system in south china scheme with interconnections to the 500kV transmission to Guizhou and to Guangdong can exhibits,...

Authors: Yong Chang Ren, Tao Xing, Ping Zhu

Abstract: Knowledge acquisition is the bottleneck of construction expert system, to provide an accurate inference of knowledge is the key...

Authors: Cheng Fei Wang, Hang Yu Wang, Zhang Song Shi

Abstract: To establish the uniform situation map, the platforms’ low-precision navigation information and the location information measured mutually...

Authors: Zhi Nong Miao, Hui Jun Zheng

Abstract: Fuzzy modeling is discussed in many literatures and there are numerous algorithms are proposed. Back-propagation algorithm is an efficient...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Jiang Hui Liu

Abstract: This paper proposed a matching algorithm FBMH(Fast Boyer Moor Horspool),which made an improvement on the BMH(Boyer Moor Horspool) and...

Authors: Chuan Li Gong, Yuan Wan, Hai Long Chi, Ye Ping Yang

Abstract: Partial discharge (PD) pulses recognition, which is directly related to the credibility of PD online measurement results, is the key...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhou

Abstract: Inter-harmonic wave is one of most important factors to influence power quality in power system, which is harmful to the power system and...

Authors: Jie Li, Shi Liu, Yao Song Huang, Jing Lei

Abstract: In this paper, we take flame optical radiation signal in low-frequency on a gas combustion test-bed as research objects, multi-fractal...

Authors: Dong Chen Qin, Qiang Zhu, Hong Xia Wu, Zhe Feng Guo

Abstract: In order to research the motion precision reliability of hydraulic support when the influence of the bar length error and gap error is...

Authors: Da Qian Zhang, Wei Tao Zhao, Lian Fang Qin

Abstract: This paper describes how to calculate stiffness reliability for bus body frame in the specified case. The principle of the Response Surface...


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