Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhuo Hao Wang, Xi Cheng Wang, Kai Yuan Qi, Zhuo Feng Zhao

Abstract: Service cloud provides a platform to operate different kinds of services through Internet. Service monitoring is a crucial issue for the...

Authors: Lu Jing Yang, Wei Hao, Chong Lun Li

Abstract: Image registration is a very fundamental and important part in many multi-sensor image based applications. Phase correlation-based image...

Authors: Ming Tian, Ju Long Lan, Peng Yi

Abstract: A multi-next-hop routing algorithm based on polymerization equivalence class proposed in this paper, which can efficiently avoid route loop....

Authors: Xiao Qiu Jia, Xiao Yu Guan

Abstract: At present, periodic train timetable problem (PTTP) becomes one of the hot topics home and abroad. On the basic of present theories and...

Authors: Zhi Bin Qin, Zhao Hui Liu, Yu Zhi Li

Abstract: The concept of the road-region ecosystem is described and its environmental features analyzed. In addition, the stability of the road-region...

Authors: Liu Rong Hong

Abstract: As a natural, fast mathematical formula input, online handwritten mathematical formula input have great prospects. The paper described the...

Authors: Min Hu, Fang Fang Wu, Bo Zhu, Bo Lu, Jing Lei Pu

Abstract: It is important and difficult to identify the Hazard before a disaster happen because disaster often happens suddenly. This paper proposes a...

Authors: Xu Guang Wang, Li Jun Lin, Hai Yan Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, a novel feature descriptor called gradient correlation descriptor (GCD) is proposed. The GCD descriptor uses the gradient...

Authors: Tong He, Shang Hui Jia

Abstract: According to the affective model based on rough sets and by combining with rough graph theory, this paper presents a new method to mine...

Authors: Yong Li Wang, Chun Han He, Kai Chun Ren, Xing Qi Zhang, Xiao Chun Zhang

Abstract: Linearity of VCO directly impacts on the range resolution of LFMCW radar, therefor, a linearity correction based on linearity detection is...


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