Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hua Wang, Yong Mei Zhang

Abstract: On the premise of ensuring safety and reliability in electricity market environment, the goal of State Grid Corporation is that purchase AGC...

Authors: Xin Xin Li, Xun Gong

Abstract: This paper presents a new point matching method to solve the dense point-to-point alignment of scanned 3D faces. Texture maps of 3D models...

Authors: Zhong Hua Kong, Ya Dong Jiang

Abstract: With the development of pulsed power technology, pulsed power equipment requires metallized capacitor with high energy density and large...


Abstract: Paper has been removed due to plagiarism. The original paper was published as a conference article by PTB in July 2010: Proceedings of...

Authors: Wei Xue, Yan Ling Guo, Yong Li Li

Abstract: The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), a nonlinear dynamic system, can exhibit prominent chaotic characteristics under some choices...

Authors: Yun Liu, Zhi Sheng Jing, Shan Chao Tu, Ming Hao Yu, Guo Wei Qin

Abstract: The characteristics and the application prospect are analyzed. It is concluded that bionic flapping-wing flying has better lift fore...

Authors: Xiao Bin Zhang, Wei Bing Zhu, Si Peng Tan

Abstract: The heat transfer capability of the underground geothermal heat exchanger (GHE) is influenced by groundwater advection, and heat conduction...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Xiao Hui Li, Xiao Jun Tang, Jun Hua Liu

Abstract: The defects of artificial detection influenced the chromatic’s classification result of ceramic tile. In this paper, a kind of image...

Authors: Di Wu, Sheng Yao Yang, J.C. Liu

Abstract: The performance optimization of cognitive radio is a multi-objective optimization problem. Existing genetic algorithms are difficult to...

Authors: Hong Wei Guo, Bu Xin Su, Jian Chang, Jian Liang Zhang, Wei Chao Cao

Abstract: Current analysis in the relations between blast furnace production index and coke index is still using the traditional statistical analysis...


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