Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Wei Bao, Shi Wang, Tian Yu Ma, Ya Qiang Liu

Abstract: Pixel binning is a very important mechanism in CCD (Charge Coupled Device) image capture system. At the cost of resolution degradation, the...

Authors: Li Li, Fei Qiao

Abstract: A simulation-based modular planning and scheduling system developed for semiconductor fabrication facilities (SFFs) is discussed. Firstly,...

Authors: Ming Song Shao, Song Ling Huang, Wei Zhao, Jia Rui Dong, Chang Quan Wang

Abstract: Electronic ballast with self-oscillating driving topology for electrodeless lamp operating in 2.65MHz has been restricted by high switching...

Authors: Hui Qin Jia

Abstract: According to EMC Standard,fulfilling one Test-Item generally includes below process: select and configure the parameters of instrument,form...

Authors: Yu Long Ma, Jian Da Han, Yu Qing He

Abstract: Unmanned surface vehicle (USV) system has been one of main research directions in mobile robotics because it can be used in many situations....

Authors: Yi Yang, Hu Huang, Ji Chang Wang

Abstract: designed a equipment for testing the strength of seats and head restraints, the equipment can testing the seats and head restraints with the...

Authors: Ben Gang Bao, Xia Song Zhen, Tao He, Yun Liu, Bo Deng, Ming Wu

Abstract: As for the separated air conditioner in the public is not facilitate for unified management and often causes a waste of energy, so we put...

Authors: Guang Bing Xiao, Yong Jun Min, Wei Yi Cai

Abstract: This paper aims at designing a visibility forecasting system on freeways based on the Internet of Things. Physical processes of fog...

Authors: Yong Fa Qin, Si Dong Chen, A Zhong Dong

Abstract: Expounds characteristics of the frame structure and function of a hydraulic walk caterpillar vehicles. A frame structure is designed to suit...

Authors: Xu Hong Wang, Yi Gang He

Abstract: A fuzzy neural network based on-line turn fault detection approach for induction motors is proposed in this paper. B-spline membership fuzzy...


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