Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Peng Zhu, Shi Sheng Zhou

Abstract: A linear differential equation is adopted to account for the complexity of honeycomb paperboard properties under static and dynamic...

Authors: Chun Hua Ji, Yu Zhu, Deng Feng Xu

Abstract: An accurate model of pneumatic isolators is important for its structure optimization and controller design. Previous researches show that an...

Authors: Fang Jiang, Yue Sheng Tan, Dong Zhao

Abstract: One-stage light gas gun is used to study the dynamic mechanical properties of reinforced concrete (SFRC) subjected to shock loading. The...

Authors: Xiao Ying Gan, Bin Liu

Abstract: This paper Shamir threshold scheme based on the protection of private keys, by constructing a Lagrange interpolating polynomial to achieve...

Authors: Xiao Ying Gan, Bin Liu

Abstract: Based on the TNC architecture, using a trusted network of repair techniques in the trusted network access scenario does not meet the...

Authors: Dao Kui Li, Yong Jun Lei

Abstract: An exact and closed-form solution is obtained for free vibration problems of homogeneous isotropic cylindrical shells, which is under...

Authors: Zhi Wei Zhang, Wei Zhang, Jin Chun Song, Song Li

Abstract: This article is to provide a method to make the structure of machine tools lightened and improve its anti-vibration capacity. Modal analysis...

Authors: Li Qun Hu, Ai Min Sha

Abstract: This paper mainly presents the study on the properties of cement treated aggregate with different coarse aggregate content. The test...

Authors: Yuan Pan, Guo Hua Xing, Guo Fu, Jian Ling Hou

Abstract: Under seismic actions, reinforced concrete columns are generally damaged by a combination of repeated stress reversals and high stress...

Authors: Guo Hua Xing, Yuan Pan, Guo Fu, Jian Ling Hou

Abstract: The findings from an experimental study to investigate cumulative seismic damage in reinforced concrete columns are presented. Fourteen...


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