Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Tian Liu, Li Hui Zhao, Hu Huang, Yan Song Wang, Hao Chen

Abstract: Multi-link independent suspension is built according to the hard point parameters of a car. According to the multi-body dynamics and...

Authors: Le Hong Thai Huynh, Pavel Němeček

Abstract: In recent years, a lot of studies on brake of car aims to reduce stress, vibration and noise of the brake on vehicle. In this paper presents...

Authors: L. Huang, Bo You, W.L. Li

Abstract: The problem of tracking for second-order dynamical systems subject to disturbance input is considered by using a complete parametric design...

Authors: Dong Mei Zhu, Shao Jun Zhang, Guo Yong Liu

Abstract: Computation model for TNM360 wear-resistant steel quenching process is established by finite element method. Four work conditions are...

Authors: Jian Mao, Zheng Zhong Wang, Quan Hong Liu, Xiao Kong Yu

Abstract: Based on Duncan-zhang nonlinear elastic model and ANSYS software, impacts on the settlement and stress of dam as well as the panel...

Authors: Li Juan Zhao, Dong Lv, Yuan Liu

Abstract: In order to collecting, analyzing and processing the shearer body’s vibration data, we use Labview for data acquisition and signal analysis....

Authors: Chang Qing Fang, Ying Zhang, Jing Bo Hu, Min Zhang, Rui En Yu

Abstract: Rapid economy development and upsurge of paper consumption cause the shortage of paper material. Waste paper recycling can solve this...

Authors: Yun Hai Wang, Jing Long Han, Wei Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, we will extend a Volterra identification technique of nonlinear systems. In reality there exists a large class of weakly...

Authors: Chang Qing Ma, Xian Xi Liu, Bao Qing Dai

Abstract: The effectiveness and actualities of mechanical system virtual prototyping software were summarized. The process from prototype to utility,...

Authors: Xiang Dong Ma, Fei Lei Liu, Hui Zhang, Liu Jie Xu, Shi Zhong Wei, Ji Wen Li, Guo Shang Zhang

Abstract: Zirconia nanoparticles were prepared in ionic liquid BMIMBF4-water using zirconium salt (ZrOCl2•8H2O), urea as raw material by hydrothermal...


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