Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Chang Wu, Shi Liang Lin

Abstract: This paper presents a design approach for the conceptual design of a novel 16-speed bicycle drive hub. First, a distributed-flow type...

Authors: Yi Chang Wu, Feng Ming Ou, Bo Wei Lin

Abstract: The prediction of the magnetic field is a prerequisite to investigate the motor performance. This paper focuses on the magnetic field...

Authors: Zhi Quan Xiao

Abstract: With the consideration of compressibility flow and the redefined load flow and load pressure, the mathematical model of long-stroke...

Authors: Chun Chih Lin, Ying Yeh Hsieh, Wei Chung Liu, Moon Sing Lee, Chia Chi Lung

Abstract: Among the infrared spectrum, the range of 4-14 μm belonging to far-infrared (FIR) spectrum is named as “growth rays” due to many beneficial...

Authors: Yue Gang Luo, Song He Zhang, Zhao Hui Ren, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: The dynamic model of two-span rotor-bearing system with three-coupling faults of rub-impact, crack and pedestal looseness faults was set up,...

Authors: Suwin Sleesongsom, Sujin Bureerat

Abstract: An aircraft with morphing or adaptive wings can achieve its flight control through structural flexibility. In order to carry out such...

Authors: Jian Zhong Wang, Liang Chu, Xin Tian Lu

Abstract: According to the design requests of certain heavy truck, this paper introduces a design scheme of pneumatic AMT automatic shift system,...

Authors: Ming Der Jean, Tzu Hsuan Chien

Abstract: This study presented the application of Taguchi designed experiments to optimize the tungsten carbide/cobalt (WC-Co) deposited quality...

Authors: Ming Der Jean, Wesley Huang, Jium Fang

Abstract: This paper presents the optimal chromium nitride (CrN) deposited performance by tuning magnetic systems on die steel in PVD. The strength of...

Authors: Xiao Liu, Wei Zheng Zhang, Chang Hu Xiang

Abstract: To evaluate the efficiency of drilled cooling in the valve bridge of cylinder head, theoretical analysis for the drilled cooling is carried...


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