Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Miao Miao Cai, Jia Na Meng, Xue Gang Yuan, Da Tian Niu

Abstract: The problem of radially symmetric motion is examined for a pre-existing micro-void in the interior of a sphere under a suddenly applied...

Authors: Shan Jiang, Gong Cheng, Sha Liu, Wen Hao Feng, Zhen Zhang, Zhi Yong Yang

Abstract: Biopsy precious research has an important relationship with treatment efficiency and side effect complication. Most of the investigation is...

Authors: Zhen Yu Ma

Abstract: Based on interior trajectory calculation of the missile capsule in underwater launching tube,the hydrodynamic pressure distributions of the...

Authors: Haw Pei Li, Norhamidi Muhamad

Abstract: A rheological analysis has been performed to evaluate the characteristics and behaviors of Microminiature Powder Injection Molding (μPIM)...

Authors: Haw Pei Li, Norhamidi Muhamad, Abu Bakar Sulong, Heng Shye Yunn, Hooman Abolhasani

Abstract: Optimization of injection parameters in Micro Metal Injection Molding (μMIM) was described in this study. Stainless steel powder was mixed...

Authors: Ying Bai Xie, Shao Heng Wang, Bing Li, Yun Liu

Abstract: To improve the overall performance of the VM cycle pump. Based on the mixture with nitrogen (including N2 - Ne, N2 - Ar, and N2 - Kr) by...

Authors: Ying Bai Xie, Kui Kui Cui, Zhi Chao Wang, Jian Lin Liu

Abstract: The paper analyses CO2 trans-critical two stage compression refrigeration cycle with vortex tube expansion by thermodynamics method. And...

Authors: Jian Hua Zhang, Shou Shan Jiang

Abstract: The Dynamics Analysis & Simulation of the Rocket Sled were done based on the Multibody System Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis Theory....

Authors: Yong Hua Zhang, Jian Hui He, Guo Qing Zhang

Abstract: This paper aims to understand influence of the obliquity of fin ray on its motion performance. An environment-friendly propulsion system...

Authors: Ya Wei Wang, Qu Wei Yue, Min Bu, Guang Cai Han

Abstract: Focusing on the application technique of the phase testing techniques in cell identification, the analysis to the morphological structures...


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