Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Dong Shi, Shou Wen Shi, Lu Zhang, Jian Li Li

Abstract: An airport runway frictional coefficient measuring vehicle is the important ground support equipment which is essential to the aircraft...

Authors: Li Wen Wang, Guo Peng Yao, Jiang Long Wei, Xu Dong Shi

Abstract: The airport snow removal operation optimization and dispatch system based on the GPS/GIS/GPRS technology and breadth-first search algorithm...

Authors: Yu Chuan Lin, Long Jeng Lee, Shenq Tsong Chang, Yu Cheng Cheng, Ting Ming Huang

Abstract: This article reports an approach of light-weighted mirror design and analysis to increase the weight reduction ratio and improve optical...

Authors: Ran Liu, Jian Zhong Sun, Ya Qin Luo, Wei Sun, Wei Dong Li

Abstract: With the research object of cutterhead rotation electric drive system, influencing factors of the system synchronous coordination and the...

Authors: De Zhen Zhang, Wei Shi Zhang, Jian Ming Zhang

Abstract: A new approach to conceptual design based on path decomposition of digraph is presented in the paper. The set of basic mechanisms is firstly...

Authors: Zhao Hui Wang, Quan Jie Gao, Jia Qing Wang, Xin Chen

Abstract: For principle of the particle system, using Visual C++ combining with the object-oriented technology and open graphic library method, the...

Authors: Ji Bin Tong, Hui Yuan, Yong Ming Wang, Xiao Liu Yu

Abstract: The key to guarantee bending mold interchangeability is the precise detection of the cutting edge angle, symmetry and the distance from its...

Authors: Heng Shye Yunn, Norhamidi Muhamad, Abu Bakar Sulong

Abstract: Micro powder injection molding (µPIM) is the combination of micro injection molding and powder injection molding (PIM) technology. The...

Authors: Heng Shye Yunn, Norhamidi Muhamad, Abu Bakar Sulong, Abdolali Fayyaz, Haw Pei Li

Abstract: Micro powder injection molding (µPIM) is a preferred technology for the production of micro parts or micro structured parts which derived...

Authors: Kamran Pazand, Hawshin Feizi

Abstract: Neural Networks are powerful data modeling tools that are capable of capturing and representing complex input/output relationships. The...


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