Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Jie Xu

Abstract: In order to meet requirements of increasingly high-speed, large and intelligent mechanical equipments on fault diagnosis, the Internet-based...

Authors: Juggrapong Treetrong

Abstract: Because the faults happening in the motor (such as the stator and the rotor faults) can distort the sinusoidal response of the motor RPM and...

Authors: Ning Chen, Ji Qian Chen

Abstract: In this paper, we give some results on the blow-up behaviors of the solution to the mixed problem for some higher-order nonlinear hyperbolic...

Authors: Ning Chen, Bao Dan Tian, Ji Qian Chen

Abstract: In this paper, some new results are given for the common random solution for a class of random operator equations which generalize several...

Authors: Qiang Yin, Quan Jie Gao, Xiao Peng Chen, Jiu Lin Zuo

Abstract: Compared with the driving system of traditional motors, the advantages of in-wheel motor are described in this article. A kind of drive...

Authors: Shao Ke Chen, Hui Qun Chen

Abstract: A new method of triangulation for large scale scattered 3D points is proposed. This method is based on the available CAD model, with the...

Authors: Bing Chen Zhang, Wei Min Guo, Yan Qun Wang

Abstract: The development of interior design is an important aspect of improving the quality of railway transportation services. Product semantics not...

Authors: Yu Jie Dai

Abstract: In order to study the influencing factor of hydrodynamics characteristic in dislocated bearing, the evolution of internal friction and...

Authors: Yu Jie Dai

Abstract: For obtain the effect of floating ring radius R2 and floating ring velocity v2 on internal friction in dislocated floating ring with...

Authors: Lei Zhao, Shu Gui Liu

Abstract: A new type of coordinate measuring arm with a Revo revolving body which can realize quick measuring in spherical domain has high stability,...


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