Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qin Shu Miao, Xiao Ming Wang, Yu Zheng

Abstract: In order to solve two problems when simulating the phenomenon of Shaped Charge Liner penetrating into target, an example was simulated to...

Authors: Mao Ling Pen, Ai Ming Huang

Abstract: Many network application technology need the algorithm for multi-dimensional packet classification, for example ,network security ,load...

Authors: Hong Mei Deng, Xue Gang Yuan, Da Tian Niu

Abstract: The finite deformation about the radial direction is examined for a solid cylinder composed of a class of compressible hyper-elastic...

Authors: Ming Kuen Chang, Hsin Hong Hsieh, Siou Jyuan Li

Abstract: Intrinsically conductive polymer-Polyaniline had high conductivity and many other properties, such as environmental stability and rather...

Authors: Ming Kuen Chang, Yu Fong Li, Hong Wen Huang

Abstract: This research expects to investigate yet at domestic-dump truck driver, carry on the preliminary vibration determination. This research...

Authors: Wei Guo Li, Xiang He Peng, Wen Li Pi

Abstract: An incremental form of constitutive model is proposed for shape memory alloys using the modified strain based on experimental results and...

Authors: Choon Lih Hoo, Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris

Abstract: Many industrial applications require efficient servo drives and speed control to obtain the necessary performance with respect to different...

Authors: Choon Lih Hoo, Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris

Abstract: Motor control is essential for good performance especially now the servo and speed drives application has gaining much attention....

Authors: Li Li, F.F. Wang, Zong Wei Niu

Abstract: A new kind of ultrasonic machining is proposed for sintered NdFeB permanent magnet. Experiments were carried out on self-made equipment....

Authors: Hsien Ming Chang, Chi Kong Huang, Chau Chen Torng

Abstract: The production environment of aerospace industry is make-to-order. The life cycle of aircraft is more than 20 years. Aircraft parts should...


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