Advances in Measurements and Information Technologies

Volumes 530-531

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shinn Fwu Wang, Ming Jen Wang, Jyh Shyan Chiu

Abstract: In this paper, a long cylindrical multimode optical fiber sensor (OFS) based on multiple total internal reflections in heterodyne...

Authors: Jium Ming Lin, Cheng Hung Lin, Chia Hsien Lin

Abstract: This research proposes a novel wireless RFID-based thermal convection type inclinometer by using non-floating structure without a cavity in...

Authors: Lu Gao, Zhong Min Li

Abstract: In the applications based on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) , localization is one of the most fundamental and important technologies if the...

Authors: Biao Dong

Abstract: Middleware supports programming abstract which facilitate the programmer task and bridge the gap between the application and the hardware....

Authors: De An Zhao, Guang Yu Lu

Abstract: This paper based on the principle of ammonia nitrogen is sensitive to the light which wavelength is 664nm, that is to say, there are, in...

Authors: Xin Gao, Piotr Mackowiak, Biswajit Mukhopadhyay, Oswin Ehrmann, Klaus Dieter Lang, Ha Duong Ngo

Abstract: The piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor used in this work is developed by Technical University Berlin. It is mainly composed of a...

Authors: Zhao Xia Wu, Yu Cheng Li, Er Dan Gu, Wei Jin, Wen Chao Li

Abstract: FBG concentration chenical sensor with three layer structure is proposed in this paper. And through experimental study and reasoning...

Authors: Xiang Yang Li, Jing Liu

Abstract: Magnetoelectric (ME) materials have attracted continuous attention due to their potential applications in the fields of sensors, actuators,...

Authors: Li Zhu Chen, Yong Tang Jia, Cheng Cheng Yan, Hui Yu, Feng Chun Dong

Abstract: One-step process of poly(styrene-co-maleic acid)(PS-PMA) nanofibers/QCM combination system was proposed as a novel ammonia detection in this...


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