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Authors: Shu Hui Liu, Wu Wei Li
Abstract:Based on the statistical data during the period from 2000 to 2008 released by Henan Statistical Bureau in China, this paper applied the grey...
Authors: Shu Hui Liu, Wu Wei Li
Abstract:Based on the statistical data released by National Bureau of Statistics of China, over the period 2000-2008, this paper empirically analyzed...
Authors: Bing Li Jiang, Kun Tao Yang, Jian Gan Wang, Ya Ming Wu
Authors: Feng Wu, Le Zhang
Abstract:Monitoring design is one of basic problems during the development of manufacturing execution systems. In this paper we study the monitoring...
Authors: Tao Liu, Hai Hong Huang, Zhi Feng Liu, Guang Fu Liu
Abstract:The product life cycle energy consumption model was established considering the impact of remanufacturing on the product lifecycle, and the...
Authors: Ming Ke Dong, Chen Chen, Min Hua Huang, Ye Jin
Abstract:In the recent study of network traffic, it is shown that the traffic flow presents both periodic and self-similar characteristics. Due to...
Authors: Zhong Hai Li, Hao Fei Mao, Jian Guo Cui, Yan Zhang
Abstract:The paper presents a motor bearing fault diagnosis method based on MSICA (Multi-scale Independent Principal Component Analysis) and LSSVM...
Authors: Jian Qiang Liu, Xing Qi Fu, Jian Ye Song, Yun Xu Fu, Wan Guo Hou
Abstract:In this paper, the intercalation of methyl-orange (MO) into Mg/Al (ratio=2:1) layered double hydroxide (LDH) was carried out using...
Authors: Shiuh Chuan Her, Ming Chih Chang
Abstract:Ultrasonic is one of the most common uses of non-destructive evaluation technique. It could detect flaws inside the structure and on the...
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