Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

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Authors: Shih Ming Pi, Hsiu Li Liao, Su Houn Liu, Ding Kang Liu

Abstract: As the Internet developed, the problem of spam has become increasingly serious. Not only caused great distress to individuals, but also have...

Authors: Ya Tao Li, Ke Zhao, Zhen Zhen Yi, Pei Tao Cheng

Abstract: The traditional intelligent tutoring system as a web-based education tools used for adaptive learning can’t solve the encountered question...

Authors: Xing Guo Wang, Yao Zhi Wang

Abstract: For the purpose of measuring physical property of a coating by non-destructive testing (NDT), acoustic characteristics of plasma-sprayed...

Authors: Shu Fang Geng, Qing Feng Peng, Li Fang Wang

Abstract: This paper describes SBW system structure and principle, for different vehicle speed inputs and steering wheel angle step inputs, the...

Authors: Xiang Gang Kong, Xin Gui Zhang, Yang Wang

Abstract: In the design of anchor bolt for slope reinforcement, determination of safety factor, anchorage length and free part length, choosing...

Authors: Xiu Ju Duan, Qiang He, Ya Li Liu

Abstract: This thesis put forward the treatment concept of “without Biomass Retention Sequential Batch Intensified Pretreatment (WSIP)” in leachate...

Authors: Ya Li Liu, Xiu Ju Duan

Abstract: Shuanglong Lake is a shallow lake in the urban city, which has been a typical eutrophic lake. After synthesizing harnessing and control of...

Authors: Ji Tang Zhang, Bin Bin Peng

Abstract: The caoting layer of each industry structure detected by ultrasonic testing is one commonly used thickness detection technique. This article...

Authors: Cheng Zhang, Lin Xiang Wang

Abstract: The loading rate dependency of the hysteretic dynamics of Magnetorheological (MR) dampers is investigated in the current paper. The model is...

Authors: Guang Guo Zhang, Wei Jiang

Abstract: The rectifier implements bidirectional power flow, sinusoidal current and unit power factor control in grid side. This paper describes the...


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