Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fa Jun Zhao, Yong Jian Liu, Xian You Qi, He Wang, Jie Zhao

Abstract: This paper applies high-pressure reactor to simulate conditions of thermal recovery and uses formic acid as hydrogen donor body, self-made...

Authors: Jian Mao, Yan Long Cao

Abstract: Robust design is less sensitive to the manufacturing variation and its demand for controlling the manufacturing variation can be reduced....

Authors: Yan Fei Zhang, Guang Xue Hu, Jin Liang Gong, Xiu Ting Wei

Abstract: Depended on the continuous development of nanotechnology, many micro-nano positioning platforms have been developed. Considering the actual...

Authors: He Li, Xiao Zhe Chen, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: The stability and bifurcation behavior of Jeffcott rotor with local rubbing are investigated in terms of Hartman-Grobman theorem in this...

Authors: Yuan Yan Gu, Gong Xin Wu

Abstract: Jointly Managed Inventory(JMI) can balance upstream and downstream enterprises' risk-sharing authority and responsibility by the...

Authors: He Li, Quan Feng Liu, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: Transient Statistic Energy Analysis (T. S. E. A.) for transient response of a vibration system is investigated in this paper. Mathematical...

Authors: An Nan Jiang, Zheng Wen Zeng, Jun Xiang Wang

Abstract: Identifying ground stress based on rock core discing can save a lot of surveying cost, so studying “rock core disicing” has great meaning....

Authors: Yan Bao, Yuan Zhao, Ni Zhu

Abstract: First-principle calculations were performed for the study of the superconductor MgB2 and AlB2. The doping effect of...

Authors: Yan Jiao Cao, Zhao Lu, Song Mei Cai

Abstract: Relational similarities between two pairs of words are the degrees of their semantic relations. Vector Space Model (VSM) is used to measure...

Authors: Ming Jun Liu, Zhen Yu Zhao, Bai Liu

Abstract: The forming scheme of a side-plate of the core part in parallel flow evaporator was studied. Two forming schemes were compared and the...


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