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Authors: Chi Wu Bu
Abstract:Twin-screw extruder is the main equipment for puffed food processing. Corn powder as the main raw material, barrel temperature, screw speed...
Authors: Pan Li He, Tie Sheng Fan
Abstract:When a digital watermark is directly embedded into low frequency part of audio, sensitive noises maybe occur. In the paper, a method of audio...
Authors: Ju Nang Liu, Jian Hong Zhou, Lei Yang, Guo Ying Zhou
Abstract:Camellia anthrax disease is the main disease in producing areas of China. It occurred widespread, caused fruit and flowers dropped...
Authors: Jian Jun Song, Heng Sheng Shan, He Ming Zhang, Hui Yong Hu, Guan Yu Wang, Jian Li Ma, Xiao Bo Xu
Abstract:Strained Si1-xGex technology has been widely adopted to enhance hole mobility. One of the most important physical...
Authors: Chun Zheng Duan, Wei Sen Kong, Zhao Xi Wang, Min Jie Wang
Abstract:The formation and development of adiabatic shear localization in serrated chips have great significance to study of mechanism of high speed...
Authors: Yan Xie, Mu Li
Abstract:The type selection for agricultural machinery generally depends on the selector’s experiences at the present time. It exist some subjectivity...
Authors: Shuang Chen, Sheng Guo
Abstract:In this paper, vibration characteristics of super-heavy vibrating shaker were simulated by using MATLAB based on the developed analytical...
Authors: Yong Quan Dong, Xiang Jun Zhao, Gong Jie Zhang
Abstract:A novel approach is proposed to automatically extract data records from detail pages using hierarchical clustering techniques. The approach...
Authors: Xiao Yi Che, Zhe Ming He, You Xin Luo, Qi Yuan Liu
Abstract:The problem of four-linkage guide mechanism synthesis is transformed into nonlinear equations to be found, Newton iterative method is an...
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