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Authors: Xiao Yi Che, Zhe Ming He, Qi Yuan Liu, You Xin Luo
Abstract:The problem of planar crank-slide mechanism synthesis is transformed into nonlinear equations to be found, Newton iterative method is an...
Authors: Xian Shan Li, Ling Fu Kong
Abstract:A CRF model is proposed to extract the high level behaviors based on the position information of the elders in household environment....
Authors: Zhen Yuan Li, Hao Ran Geng, Hai Ou Qin
Abstract:The Al-7%Si /9% Al63Cu25Fe12 composites were fabricated by mechanical stirring method. The composite took...
Authors: Dong Ju Chen, Jin Wei Fan, Fei Hu Zhang
Abstract:A new method for extracting spectrum feature of motor unbalance and interference of alternating current (AC) is proposed. The flatness error...
Authors: Li Yun Yi
Abstract:This paper introduces the theory of grillage method, principles and grillage beam meshing as well as the performance calculation of grillage...
Authors: Li Yun Yi
Abstract:This paper elaborates on the similarity theory applied in the design of the full bridge wind tunnel aeroelastic model for the large-span...
Authors: Yun Tang Li, Qin Qin Pan, Jun Li, Chang Xu
Abstract:As a new type of entertainment venue, four-dimensional cinema can make the effects of rock, collision and weightlessness using innervation...
Authors: Gui De Zheng, Ming Chen
Abstract:The next generation of scientific experiments and studies are being carried out by large collaborations of researchers distributed around the...
Authors: Xiao Gang Wang, Xin Zhan Li, Yue Li
Abstract:Based on research about patterns of garment, patterns were made to achieve data and interval of the bust eases. On the basis of bust eases, a...
Authors: Jiraporn Pongsopa, Pattama Visuttpitukul, Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong
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