Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

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Authors: Li Ming Fan, Peng Wu, Xiao Lin Zhang

Abstract: BIT is a new technology about the system test, fault diagnosing and separating. It is more important in the design for the reliability and...

Authors: Miao Fen Zhu, Shao Hui Su, You Ping Gong, Guo Jin Chen

Abstract: This paper provides one kind of knowledge construction to let the engineers and technicians apply the knowledge to the product’s simulation...

Authors: Miao Fen Zhu, Shao Hui Su, You Ping Gong, Guo Jin Chen

Abstract: The ETO product’s modularity manufacture needs the ETO product’s modular design as a foundation. By fully distinguishing and exploiting the...

Authors: Ji Mei Zhou, Ze Zhang, Hai Tao Wang

Abstract: An auto-adaptive scheme of embedding watermark based on wavelet transformation domain is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the scheme applies...

Authors: Min Zuo, Guang Ping Zeng, Xu Yan Tu

Abstract: Trajectory-tracking problem of wheeled mobile robots is investigated. Adaptive control scheme utilized has only one control signal. The...

Authors: Liang Nie, Jun Han, Xu Jiang

Abstract: The fiber point diffraction technology is applied in interferometer to measure optical surface with high precision. The wavefront diffracted...

Authors: Nian Xue Yang, Da Wei Qi

Abstract: This paper presents a scheme for blockboard nondestructive detection. X-ray nondestructive testing system has been used to obtain blockboard...

Authors: Xin Cun Wang, Man Cheng, Yu Min Liu, Yue Hong Peng

Abstract: PCNN model has the characteristic of similar group neurons releasing pulse synchronously, which is suitable for image segmentation that...

Authors: De Ying Gu, Dong Mei Yan

Abstract: What the group control of the elevator traffic system deal with is a complex, random, multi-objective, nonlinear, uncertain decision-making...

Authors: Zhan Hui Yan, Da Yi Yang

Abstract: A new-style slick pole self-lock up-down setting is designed to realize large size up-down of crossbeam, its principle is that crossbeam’s...


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