Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Jun Hu, Qing Hua Geng, Hong Song, Gui Xu Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the control system for electric wheelchair is based on DSP.The motor drive by PWM DC/DC converter. In the speed feedback...

Authors: Hong Jiang He, Zhu Qiang Yue, Xiao Jie Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses an embedded access platform which based on ARM and Linux operating system. Based on the character and advantage of...

Authors: Ning Zhang, Xu Nan Ning, Jian Bo Zhou, Pei Tao Wei, Hai Jian Luo

Abstract: The combustion characteristics of the mixtures, which are made from different proportions of paper mill sludge and coal, were studied by the...

Authors: Ai Ling Wen, Sheng Wu Wang, Rui Ming Ren, Xiu Xia Yan

Abstract: The rotary bending fatigue tests were to investigate the effect of the combined shot peening for surface nanocrystallization (CSPN) on the...

Authors: Bao Dong Shao, He Ming Cheng, Jian Yun Li, Zi Liang Li, Li Jun Hou, Jie Hou, Li Feng Wang, Dong Fang Ding, Chong Tian

Abstract: During mixture of Nitrogen and spray water ejecting quenching under normal pressure and high velocity, the liquid film that is formed on the...

Authors: Ali Hui

Abstract: With the increase of voltage grade in power transmission system and the aggravation of industrial pollution, flashover of contaminated...

Authors: Xing Li Zhang, Zhao Wei Sun

Abstract: Molecular, dynamics simulation and the Boltzmann transport equation are used respectively to analyze the phonon transport in Si thin film....

Authors: Jing Yue Wang, Hao Tian Wang, Li Min Zheng

Abstract: Vehicle suspension system with hysteretic nonlinearity has obvious nonlinear characteristics, which directly cause the system to the...

Authors: Suo Mei Zhang, Zi Dong Wang

Abstract: Pure carbon, pure iron and single crystall silicon were firstly loaded into a pure graphite crucible to obtain a hypereutectic Fe-C melt by...

Authors: Tao Pan, Ai Hong Peng, Wen Jie Huang

Abstract: Using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), attenuated total reflection (ATR) technology and partial least square (PLS) method,...


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