Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Bing Huang, Zhi Qiang Yang, Hui Ru Li

Abstract: This paper proposes a construction method for informatization surveying and mapping service system and puts forward the thoughts of...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wang, Xin Zhan Li, Yue Li

Abstract: In this article based on databases of 3D female bodies emulator, 3D jacket emulator, textile material parameters, historical photos and...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wang, Xin Zhan Li, Yue Li

Abstract: Though 3D body scanning system is most developed system for achieving body data, there are some scanning dead angles when body is scanned....

Authors: Xin Guang Peng, Yan Ru Feng, Min Li

Abstract: The application of Automated Trust Negotiation in web service needs to solve two problems. One is the protection of sensitive information,...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wang, Xin Zhan Li, Yue Li

Abstract: Based on the research about outside shape of woman warm jacket more than twenty years, fashion variables that were representative and can...

Authors: Chuang Bin Yang, Peng Lin, Long Fei Chen

Abstract: As for the troubles existed in multi-exits campus network, this paper analyzes the limitations of some traditional usual solutions and puts...

Authors: Gui Mao Si, Heng Sun, Qing Lan Zhang, Li Li Duan

Abstract: The structure of dynamic compaction machine’s chassis is box girder which is welded by steel plate. The strength and stiffness of the...

Authors: Ming Song Gao, Zhi Gang Chen

Abstract: The dynamic response problems of out-plane line loads by a shallow-embedded circular lining structure were investigated here by using the...

Authors: Yu Feng Zhu, Xiao Li Ding, Zhi Wei Li, Shi Jian Zhou

Abstract: With the improvement of GPS measurement methods and its increasing precision, the GPS technology obtains more and more widespread...

Authors: Qiao Chen, Li Jie Wang, Stephen Westland

Abstract: Spectral images contain a large volume of data and can be efficiently compressed by low dimensional linear models. However, there is a...


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