Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong, Kanya Tapaneeyakorn, Decha Lapsongphol, Worawan Bhanthumnavin
Authors: K. Kamlangkla, Satreerat K. Hodak, Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong
Authors: Shuai Liu, Xiang Jiu Che, Zheng Xuan Wang

Abstract: In order to study generalized 3x+1 function C(z), we find the character of fixed points of C(z) at real axis by complex analytical analysis....

Authors: Xiao Min Yu, Xiao Kun Yu

Abstract: LFMCW radar have a high range measuring accuracy in theory. But in practice, the picket fence effect of the FFT transform, making the range...

Authors: Xiao An Yang, Guang Long Sun, Hao Chen, Xiao Hong Liu, Wei She Zhang

Abstract: In electromechanical products form design, there still exist problems such as CAD supporting incompletely and low-usage of existent...

Authors: Zhao Kun Wang, Yu Xiang Huang, Jun Yi, Ming Yong Lai

Abstract: In view of high-load density, abundant in wind power and solar energy resources and well-developed areas in the southeastern coastal areas...

Authors: Jun Li Zhang, Xiao Feng Lv, Chao Li

Abstract: With the growth of industry manufacturers and population, power quality becomes more and more important issue, and is attracting significant...

Authors: Jun Li Zhang

Abstract: Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) using the voltage source inverter (VSI) has been widely accepted as the current generation of the...

Authors: Jian Wang, Na Zhao, Jin Guo You, Ling Yu Li, Lei Zhao

Abstract: With the wide spread of cloud computing technologies, we assume that increasing amount of attentions will be given to the area of software...

Authors: Jian Wang, Na Zhao, Zhong Wen Xie, Qian Yu, Jin Zhuo Liu

Abstract: While cloud computing related technologies are gaining increasing amount of popularities nowadays, we are focusing our resent research on...


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