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Authors: Shao Fu Song, Guang Jin Li, Ying Sheng Su
Abstract:This paper presents a practical assessment of brand competitiveness in property insurance industry through Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment....
Authors: Jie Li Sun, Zhi Qing Zhu, Yong Mei
Abstract:The quality of the recommended results will depend on the determination policy of the case similarity, case retrieval policy and personalized...
Authors: Wen Ming Cao, Xiong Feng Li, Rui Wang
Authors: Bo Zhong
Abstract:The standard genetic algorithm is improved by introducing the engineering treatment method of design vector in order to solve the...
Authors: Jing Wei, Xin Tan, Tao Yu, Lin Zhao
Abstract:A series of Y/TiO2 nanoparticles (NPs) were synthesized via sol-gel method. The crystal structures, morphologies and chemical...
Authors: Xiao Hua Wei, Bai Yang Lou
Abstract:According to the basic theory and process of conventional injection molding, using the CAE software, numerical simulation research of the...
Authors: Xiao Ming Du, Yong Huang, Er Dong Wu
Abstract:Grand Canonical Monte Carlo(GCMC) method was employed to simulate the adsorption properties of molecular hydrogen on NaA zeolite at 40-293 K...
Authors: Yong Lin Wang
Abstract:A feature extraction method based on the geometric properties of printed numerals was descrided. After reading a single binary numerical...
Authors: Hong Zhi Wang, Guo Bin Li, De Lin Guan
Abstract:According to the consistency between multi-scale decompositions and self-similarity in both wavelet transform and fractal theory, a new...
Authors: Yang Pei, Ting Guo, Qiang Dong, Bi Feng Song
Abstract:The ability of a threat system to quickly detect, locate, identify, and accurately track an armored helicopter has a significant influence...
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