Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Yu Meng, Yun Hua Feng

Abstract: Digital coupon, a popular e-commerce application, which makes the coupon circulating on internet by the digital forms. The real commercial...

Authors: Dong Yun Luo, You Mu Zhang

Abstract: The network communication system is presented for controller of AT91SAM9261 architecture which is based on ARM926EJ-S core, modular design...

Authors: Wei Cai, Xiao Man Du, Zhao Hui Wu

Abstract: The objective of the present paper is to investigate the condenser heat recovery in water-cooled chiller system. According to the technology...

Authors: Zheng Liu, Xiao Mei Liu, Min Xie

Abstract: The effects of complex modifier (consisted of mixed rare earth oxides and CaCO3) on microstructure in Mg2Si/A1-Si...

Authors: Li Chang, Qing Hua Xu, Ben Wei Liu

Abstract: In the measurement of water content of crude oil inside pipeline, the traditional electromagnetic conductance sensors cannot achieve the...

Authors: Wen Xian Tang, Jun Jie Sun, Bin Wang

Abstract: A method for comprehensive dynamic balance of mechanism based on the particle swarm optimization is presented. This paper adopted nonlinear...

Authors: Si Bo Ding

Abstract: In this paper, we consider a new model of newsboy problem with uncertain variables under budget constraint. Since the demands of products...

Authors: Hai Tao Su, Hai Qing Guo, Xiao Wei Ma

Abstract: The service performance of suppliers is key concerns for the enterprises in recent years, and there are lots of methods to evaluate the...

Authors: Lian Qing Fu, Li Sheng Yang, Tao Wang, Qing Le Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a novel netted radar system is designed to reduce the influence of mutual interference between signals. The emission signals...

Authors: Yan Fei Zhang, Xiao Xiao, Jin Liang Gong, Xiu Ting Wei

Abstract: At present, most of the robots’ intelligent level is not as high as needed and they can’t accomplish some special tasks successfully under...


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