Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 55-57

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Jie Yang

Abstract: This paper focuses on the transition methods and skills of engineering graphic in third-angle projection and first-angle projection....

Authors: Xiao Ling Zhang, Bing Feng, You Qiong Cai, Hui Juan Yu

Abstract: In the present study, the development of the tandem liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) method for the sensitive and selective...

Authors: Fa Jun Zhao, Yong Jian Liu, Bo Zhang, Si Ha, Shi Ping Li

Abstract: Under the simulated thermal recovery condition, fundamental experiments were carried out in the high temperature high pressure reactor to...

Authors: Yu Liang Chen, Yong You Du, Zhao Huan Jia, Wei Zhao

Abstract: The paper studies the principle and the flaw of the hydraulic control organization of concrete mixer truck, and designs one kind of...

Authors: Yu Liang Chen, Yong You Du, Zhao Huan Jia, Wei Zhao

Abstract: The paper discusses the principles and shortcomings of the concrete mixer truck’s hydraulic control mechanism. The stepper motor technology...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Wen Juan Huang, Yu Liang Chen, Jing Xia Niu

Abstract: The paper introduces the surge phenomenon of the axial-flow compressor. To ensure the blower running safely, we analyze the surge phenomenon...

Authors: Hui Ming Huang, He Sheng Liu, Guo Ping Liu

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed an efficient method to address the problem of color face image segmentation that is based on color information...

Authors: Yun Hu Zhu, Hao Ran Geng, Guang Li Chen

Abstract: SiC coatings were fabricated by the Rapid Chemical Liquid Deposition (RCLD) on the surface of graphite, the influence of deposition...

Authors: Gang Li, Xing San Qian, Chun Ming Ye

Abstract: Data warehouse is playing a more and more important role in company’s decision making; it is the basis for a typical business intelligence...

Authors: Hong Bo Zhu, Hai Zhao, Dan Liu, Chun He Song

Abstract: Particle filtering has been widely used in the non-linear n-Gaussian target tracking problems. The main problem of particle filtering is the...


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