Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Ying Chen, Yin Yin Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed an improved texture compression method for graphics hardware. We first give a detail introduction for the texture...

Authors: Jun Fa Leng, Shuang Xi Jing

Abstract: In this research, a new method based on EMD and SVM for mine fan fault diagnosis is introduced. With EMD, fault feature can be extracted...

Authors: Chen Li, Bin Cao, Shi Zhou You

Abstract: With the economic development and the improvement of living standards, the demands for the excellent quality fruits grow quickly, while...

Authors: Xue Gui, Xiao Yan Zheng, Jian Wei Song, Xia Peng

Abstract: This paper summarizes the structural optimization applications in civil engineering design and development of the situation based on the...

Authors: Xue Gui, Jian Wei Song, Xing Nai Wang, Hong Jing Du

Abstract: This paper summarizes a variety of designing and calculating methods of Small and Medium Single-box Multi-room Continuous Box Girder bridge...

Authors: Zhou Wan, Tao Ji, Yuan Yuan Shang

Abstract: The measurement of low and ultra-low frequency vibration has always been a very difficult problem. In this paper, a new structure is...

Authors: Hong Fei Zhang, Xiao Jun Cheng, Yan Ping Liu

Abstract: We introduce an improved compressing algorithm with features reserved for point cloud. Divided-box method is employed for compressing...

Authors: Peng Liang, Zhong Ping Qin, Guo Xing Wang

Abstract: In order to accurately reflect the effects and the spatial and temporal variation of long span cable-stayed bridge during the construction...

Authors: Jin Sheng Qiu, Jie Meng

Abstract: By the universal testing machine and special fixture, the leaf spring suspension was tested for deformation, and based on nonlinear finite...

Authors: Ying Shi, Liang Wang

Abstract: This paper uses a rear sub-frame as the mother model and uses Reverse engineering technology to measure the rear sub-frame point cloud...


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