Mechanical Components and Control Engineering III

Volumes 668-669

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Ming Ji, Xiao Guang Cai, Liang Zhang, Hui Lai, Bo Wei Zhao

Abstract: Currently, friction stir welding has had a wide application in connection of aircraft panels. However, researches are rarely carried on in...

Authors: Chun Mei Liu, Zhuan Li, Jun Ling Wang, Li Li Zhao, Yang Wang

Abstract: Based on the non-equilibrium Green’s function in combination with the density-functional theory, The spin-dependent transport in the short...

Authors: Jia Xi Deng, Xiao Dong Zhou, Ya Ting Huang, Yu Liu, Wei Min Fan

Abstract: In highway pavement engineering, mineral aggregate gradation is a key consideration in mixture design. The max density curve theory is one...

Authors: Kai Wei Jiang, Yu Tian Pan, Guan Jun Wang, Jing Xiao

Abstract: A highly nonlinear, dispersion flattened hybrid nanofiber with a silicon/silica cross-slot-structure nanocore is proposed and analyzed,...

Authors: Xin Shi, Jun Xue Zhai, Yan Li, Guang Zhong

Abstract: The dispersion of CNTs in NR and the interaction of CNTs/NR as well as the influence of CNTs on properties of NR used for tire tread were...

Authors: Yi Wu, Jian Cheng Huang, You Chao Cui, Shu Kai Zheng

Abstract: The band structures, density of states, and absorption spectra of pure and Cd doped single-walled (8, 0) ZnO nanotubes are calculated using...

Authors: Jiang Wei Wang, Xiao Mei Bai, Zong Hao Li, Yao Zhang, Yan Ping Wang, Yi Min Wang

Abstract: PET/60HBA-MWNTs Liquid Crystalline Polyester (LCP) composite was synthesis by melting polymerization process with a novel method of reacting...

Authors: Hui Zeng, Jing Jing Xie, Hai Tao Liu, Zheng Yi Fu

Abstract: ZnO-based ceramic was densified at low temperature by using PSP as binder. The results showed that phenolic resin filled in the ZnO grain...

Authors: Zhi Ling Wang, Xiao Ding

Abstract: The weld overlay technology of high strength low alloy steel (HSLA) and austenitic stainless steel is widely applied in such fields as...


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