Renewable Energy and Power Technology II

Volumes 672-674

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Qing Wang, Dan Tian, Deng Yuan Song, Lei Zhang

Abstract: The infrared image of solar cell's electroluminescence (EL) is one of the important means of hidden defects detection. In order to improve...

Authors: Guang Xiao Kou, Ling Ling Cai, Yong Jun Ye, Rong Rong Lu, Pei Na Shang

Abstract: Taking household heating for an example, this paper has introduced the composition and characteristics of combined heating system with...

Authors: Dong Po Chen, Lei Zhao, Hai Ling Li, Chun Lan Zhou, Wen Jing Wang

Abstract: Photovoltaic (PV) industry in China shows more growth potential because of the favorable political support, deep market penetration will be...

Authors: Liang Zhang, Peng Xu, Jia Chen Mao, Xu Tang

Abstract: A seasonal solar soil heat storage (SSSHS) system applied in greenhouse heating has been designed and introduced. The system consists of...

Authors: Yi Wang Wang, Bo Zhang, Cao Kai

Abstract: Intelligent LED plant light supplement system can improve and enhance plant photosynthesis, increase crop yields, especially for anti-season...

Authors: Yong Ki Cho, Jong Jo Lee, Weon Jin Song

Abstract: This research has recognized the problems of temperature rise in most solar cell (PV: photovoltaic) modules currently utilized. First, if...

Authors: Lei Pan, Li Xian Xing

Abstract: Currently most researches on photovoltaic are for a single field such as market, policy and technology. This paper with scenario analysis...

Authors: Xin Fang Wu, Yong Sheng Liu, Juan Xu, Xiao Dong Si, Wei Lei, Wen Long Du

Abstract: This paper mainly analyses a BAPV system of 3kWp and a BIPV system of 10 kWp in Shanghai, China. Net present value (NPV) and the payback...

Authors: Hai Tao Liu, Xin Jing Zou, Yong Hui Zhai

Abstract: The goal of I-V characteristic measurement of photovoltaic (PV) module is to reduce uncertainty not only for PV laboratories but also for...


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