Applied Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing IV

Volumes 670-671

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Wei Zhu, Mei Gui Ou

Abstract: PEG (polyethylene glycol) have been widely used in the synthesis of nanomaterials due to its special structure and performance. In this...

Authors: Hui Qu, Shi Quan Liu

Abstract: Different ways to prepare nanosized nickel ferrite particles have been developed. Typical solid state reaction routes including high...

Authors: Wei Tai Huang, Der Ho Wu, Shih Pin Lin, Jian Ting Chen

Abstract: This objective of this article is to present a new technique of nanofluids/MQL in high speed milling by using MWCNTs. In the past, studies...

Authors: Sui Yuan Chen, Jin Huan Wang, Xian Zhou, Jing Liang, Chang Sheng Liu

Abstract: The targets are micron-sized TiO2 powders and micron-sized Ag powders, TiO2@Ag nanocomposite particles with core-shell...

Authors: Zhi Long Pan, Shi Liang Ao, Jian Ping Jia

Abstract: Oxide free Tin nanoparticles were synthesized from a chemical reduction method. Their morphological and thermal characterizations were...

Authors: Horng Yu Wu, Ming Chieh Lin, Feng Jun Zhu, Cheng Tao Wu, Ching Hao Liao, Chui Hung Chiu

Abstract: The flow behavior and associated microstructural changes of wrought 6069 Al alloy deformed in tension were analyzed in this work. Tensile...

Authors: Shi Dong Wang, Qiang Wang, Jing Li, Shu Liang Zang

Abstract: This paper uses a metal hung weight loss method, acidic ionic liquid desulfurizer as the media, by adding different inhibitor (Polyethylene...

Authors: Ming Hua Wu, Zhan Ying Liu, Hui Yang

Abstract: In bar rolling of S31803 duplex stainless steel, the surface crack is easy to appear. Through the observation on the microstructure, ferrite...

Authors: Xiao Jun Shen, Cheng Wang, Dong Sun, Zhi Lin Lai, Dong Ye Yao

Abstract: For comparative study of the influence of laser shock peening and ultrasonic shot peening on the mechanical property of superalloy K403,...


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