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Edited by: Al-Khalid b Hj Othman, Hushairi Zen, Shafrida Sahrani, Annie ak Joseph, Charles Bong Hin Joo, Mah Yau Seng, Siti Noor Linda Taib, Ng Chee Khoon, Andrew Ragai ak Henry Rigit, Ong Hui Lin, K.M. Tay
Online since: April 2016
Description: The UNIMAS STEM Engineering Conference 2015 with the theme “Engaging Industries and Society through Innovative Engineering and Technology" was aimed at bringing together the academicians, researchers, scientists, engineers, industrial professionals and scholar students to present their recent research work in all areas of Engineering and Technology.


Edited by: Juraj Beniak
Online since: April 2016

The International Conference “Engineering for Environment Protection – TOP“ according to reports from experts in this field, is the most important conferences focusing on technique and technology of environmental protection i Slovakia. The tradition of the conference started in 1995, when it was held the first year. The main initiators, creators and organizers were employees of the Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU in Bratislava, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environment SR, stakeholders, Association of cities and towns and Recycling Fund. Guarantee of high professional level of conference are the authorities of conference – International Program committee and Organizing committee.

The main aim and focus of the conference is to provide the latest theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of minimizing of generation, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste; systems of monitoring for environmental protection; energy production from biomass and waste.


Edited by: Slawomir Smoleń, Janusz T. Cieśliński, Jacek Kropiwnicki
Online since: April 2016
Description: This book includes high-quality articles within the framework of several projects and international collaborations, among them University of Applied Sciences Bremen and Gdańsk University of Technology. Some of the research presented in these articles was presented on international symposia and conferences, e.g. the XXII International Symposium Research-Education-Technology and 4th International Conference Low Temperature and Waste Heat Use on 24th to 25th September 2015 in Bremen. The articles cover current research of material science, mechanical engineering, energy technologies and nanofluids to supplement literature in these fields.


Edited by: Ivani de S. Bott, Jussara L. de Miranda, Ofelia de Queiroz Fernandes Araujo, Raimar van den Bylaardt
Online since: March 2016
Description: Present volume is dedicated solving the problems of capture, transportation, storage and reuse of the carbon dioxide in modern manufacturing of sustainable society.


Edited by: Christopher Chao, Matthew Parkinson
Online since: March 2016

Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2015 International Conference on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (ICMAE 2015), December 12-14, 2015, Singapore.

The 24 papers are grouped as follows:

Chapter 1: Aerodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer;

Chapter 2: Design, Machining and Equipment;

Chapter 3: Modeling, Characteristics, Wear and Crack of Materials;

Chapter 4: Control, Dynamics and Signal Processing;


Edited by: Prof. Erasmo Carrera
Online since: March 2016
Description: Composite structures are massively exploited in many engineering fields. For instance, the state-of-the-art civil aircraft (B787 and A350) are mostly made of composite materials. The design of composites leads to challenging tasks since those competencies that stemmed from the adoption of metallic materials are often inadequate for composites. Insights on many different disciplines and tight academic/industrial cooperation are required to fully exploit composite structure capabilities.


Edited by: Pavel Padevět
Online since: February 2016

The objective of the conference was getting acquainted with the present state, exchange of experience, entering into and strengthening mutual relations of researchers from universities, plants and scientific and research institutions in the field of experimental stress analysis and numerical modelling in mechanical and civil engineering. Between the topics of the conference were:

  • Development of experimental methods in mechanics.
  • Development of experimental methods in biomechanics.
  • New methods and applications of deformation and stress analysis in mechanical engineering equipment.
  • New methods and applications of deformation and stress analysis in building and other structures.
  • Experiment as a tool for the verification of analytical and numerical methods.
  • Experimental research and prediction of strength, life and operational reliability of structures and devices.
  • Monitoring of operational loadings and operational states of structures and devices.
  • Methods and means of teaching experimental methods.


Edited by: Prof. Kyle Jiang, Prof. Shinn-Liang Chang and Prof. Ruxu Du
Online since: February 2016

Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2015 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Automation Science (ICMEAS 2015), October 24-25, 2015, Hong Kong.

The 27 papers are grouped as follows:

Chapter 1: Advanced Engineering Design and Analysis;

Chapter 2: Advanced Manufacturing Technology;

Chapter 3: Robotics, Automation and Control;

Chapter 4: Biomedical Devices and Systems.


Edited by: Pavel Padevět
Online since: February 2016
Description: The main objective of this book is to present the modern methods and techniques of experimental and computational investigations in area of construction.


Edited by: Lucia Mankova
Online since: January 2016
Description: Building design is complex multidisciplinary task in which architects, engineers, scientists, building industry, developers and manufactures are involved. It is desirable to create healthy indoor environment by the use of both: traditional and new advanced building materials, which are free of harmful substances and allow us to design energy‐efficient buildings. The aim is to create the framework for better implementation of ecological principles into existing technical specifications, legislation and building practice.


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