Applied Mechanics and Materials

ISSN: 1662-7482

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Edited by: Pavel Padevět
Online since: February 2016
Description: The main objective of this book is to present the modern methods and techniques of experimental and computational investigations in area of construction.


Edited by: Lucia Mankova
Online since: January 2016
Description: Building design is complex multidisciplinary task in which architects, engineers, scientists, building industry, developers and manufactures are involved. It is desirable to create healthy indoor environment by the use of both: traditional and new advanced building materials, which are free of harmful substances and allow us to design energy‐efficient buildings. The aim is to create the framework for better implementation of ecological principles into existing technical specifications, legislation and building practice.


Edited by: Daniela Tarnita
Online since: January 2016
Description: This book presents the most recent research results in mechanical engineering, intended to improve a variety of applications in daily life and industry. The topic of book are related to issues of: Modeling and simulation in mechanical engineering; Applied mechanics, Mechatronics and robots; Automotive engineering; Mechanical engineering for biomedical applications; Materials and processing.


Edited by: Ilie Dumitru
Online since: January 2016
Description: The present edition of results of scientific and engineering solutions which were represented on SMART 2014 Congress can be interesting and useful for specialists from area of automotive industry.


Edited by: Cyril Fischer
Online since: January 2016
Description: The present Special Issue contains a selection of papers presented at the 22nd International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, which has been held in Svratka resort in Czech Republic under auspices of the Czech Society of Mechanics and being a part of IFTOMM (The International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science) activities. As it corresponds with character of the conference, this Special Issue consists of several topic oriented parts: Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability, Aeroelasticity, Hydroelasticity and Fluid Mechanics, Biomechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Mechatronics, Reliability of Structures, Mechanics of Solids, Thermomechanics. The volume represents a well-balanced overview of theoretical, numerical and experimental work on fundamental and applied studies.


Edited by: Milan Palko
Online since: January 2016

Development of the material-technological base in the field of architecture and  construction is progressing faster than in the previous periods. Based on the potential of new materials and technologies, it is possible to create advanced architecture and engineering building systems. Integration of advanced materials, technologies and construction systems creates a high-quality architectural construction with optimum performance in the presence as well as in the future. Nevertheless, improper application of high quality materials in the wrong environment may cause a defect.


Edited by: Mazlan Abdul Wahid, Syahrullail Samion, Aminuddin Saat, Nor Azwadi Che Sidik, Normah M. Ghazali, Nazri Kamsah, Azhar A. Aziz, Farid N. Ani, Haslinda M. Kamar and Mohsin Sies
Online since: January 2016
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 7th International Meeting on Advances in Thermofluids (IMAT 2014), November 26-27, 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The 105 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Chapter 2: Heat Transfer and Thermal Management
Chapter 3: Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Chapter 4: Combustion and Detonation
Chapter 5: Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 6: Engines
Chapter 7: Engineering Tribology
Chapter 8: Renewable and Alternative Energy System
Chapter 9: Research and Design of Related Machines and Technologies


Edited by: Mazlan Abdul Wahid and Mohd Fairus Mohd Yasin
Online since: January 2016
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the International Conference on Energy and Thermal Sciences (ICETS 2014), October 1, 2014, Skudai, Malaysia.
The 45 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Materials Engineering
Chapter 2: Technologies of Materials Processing in Manufacturing Engineering
Chapter 3: Fluids and Thermal Engineering
Chapter 4: Engines and Fuels
Chapter 5: Research and Design of Industrial Equipments and Machines
Chapter 6: Industrial Engineering


Edited by: Zygmunt Kitowski, Jerzy Garus and Piotr Szymak
Online since: January 2016
Description: This volume presents selected papers of 2 Day Symposium on Mechatronics Systems, Mechanics and Materials 2015/V. The book is divided into three main chapters:
- Engines, Propulsion Systems and Fuels;
- Mechatronics, Robotics and Control;
- Communication and Navigation Systems
The main objective of this issue is the dissemination of the scientific knowledge to better understanding of modern problems and decisions in area of engine engineering, mechatronics as well as robotics, communication and navigation systems, especially for the marine applications. Moreover, the aim of the issue is to interconnect diverse scientific fields and exchange current views between scientists and researchers.


Edited by: František Trebuňa
Online since: November 2015
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers only. The 79 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Design, Modeling and Research of Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems; Chapter 2: Development and Modification of Computational Methods and Algorithms; Chapter 3: Experimental Methods of Measurements and Analysis in Engineering Practice; Chapter 4: Industrial Engineering of Modern Production


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