Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nian Chun Lü, Yun Hong Cheng, Yun Tao Wang

Abstract: After fiber reinforced ceramics occur a crack, their fibrous position form bridging fibers, moreover a crack usually extends in the modality...

Authors: Zhen Huo Ren, Rui Zhang, Hai Long Wang, De Liang Chen, Ming Liang Li

Abstract: A novel cost-effective pressureless sintering method has been developed to prepare polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) compacts. The...

Authors: Jian She Yue, Hong Jie Wang

Abstract: Sm2O3 and MgO as a sintering additives to fabricated porous silicon nitride by reaction-bonded. The phase of as-produced silicon nitride...

Authors: Liu Jie Xu, Hui Min Chen, Shi Zhong Wei, Rui Long

Abstract: The morphology and distribution of in-situ VC ceramics in cast high speed steel with about 5-10wt.% vanadium and 1.7-3.2wt.% carbon were...

Authors: Qi Liu, Long Quan Shao, Ning Wen, Bin Deng

Abstract: The surface microhardness and flexural strength of colored zirconia were examined. Two groups of zirconia disks (1mm thick, 20mm in...

Authors: Xing Yong Gu, Shu Zhen Lv, Yun Xia Chen, Hai Yang Xu

Abstract: Ti(C,N) solid solution were prepared at 1450°C and 1atm nitrogen pressure and the effect of the ways of adding nitrogen on the mechanical...

Authors: Xie Quan Liu, Bao Feng Li, Lei Zhao, Guo Hui Zhong

Abstract: The partial debonding interphase has large influence on the behaviors of composite ceramic. The emerging cause of partial debonding...

Authors: Jun Hong Chen, Bin Li, Ling Yan Yu, Wen Song

Abstract: It is necessary to know the synthesis mechanism of Fe-Si3N4 by flash-combusting FeSi75 in order to control the phase composition and...

Authors: Xiao Hui Wei, Yan Jun Wang, Hong Xia Li, Jia Lin Sun

Abstract: The influence of silicon addition on the microstructure and properties of corundum-mullite refractory was studied. Results show that Si...

Authors: Guo Dong Hao, Yong Liang Guo, Gang Liu, Xin Mei Zhang

Abstract: Nanostructured surface layer was produced on Ti-6Al-4V alloy by surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) technique, and the composite...


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