Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Guang Xu, Hui Qiang Li, Hou An Zhang

Abstract: SiC reinforced MoSi2 composites have been successfully prepared by pressureless sintering from mechanical-assistant combustion synthesized...

Authors: Guang Ping Zou, Zhong Liang Chang, Ying Jie Qiao

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are good reinforcement of composite materials, through add appropriate amount of carbon nanotubes to MoSi2 can be...

Authors: Zhen Ying Huang, Hong Xiang Zhai, Meng Qi Li, Wen Juan Wang

Abstract: Several Ti3C2-Cu(Al) cermets were prepared by pressureless sintering or by in-situ hot-extruding a mixture of Ti3AlC2 and Cu powders, their...

Authors: Xin Hua Chen, Hong Xiang Zhai, Shi Bo Li, Yang Zhou, Zhen Ying Huang

Abstract: Highly pure and dense bulk Ti2AlC was prepared by hot-pressing a mixture of the β€œ312” phase Ti3AlC2 powders, and the element Ti and Al...

Authors: Hong Bing Zhang, Hong Xiang Zhai, Yang Zhou, Zhen Ying Huang

Abstract: A cold-extruding and temper means was developed in order to densify the Ti3AlC2 toughened Cu matrix composites with a lower content of...

Authors: Ju Ping Ren, Ke Zhang, Yu Lan Tang

Abstract: The microstructure evolution during sintering and preparation of nanoceramic materials is studied by molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. A...

Authors: Qing Fu Gao, Jian Feng, Chang Rui Zhang, Jun Zong Feng, Wei Wu, Yong Gang Jiang

Abstract: Aerogel composites were prepared by immersing ceramic fiber into silica aerogel precursor via supercritical fluid drying. The mechanical...

Authors: Qi Fei Xie, Cheng Wang, Qing Feng Zan, Li Min Dong

Abstract: Apparent activation energy in low temperature aging of two kinds of Y-TZP ceramic was studied in this paper. The ceramics were processed...

Authors: Zhi Qi Zhuo, Li Min Dong, Cheng Wang, Qing Feng Zan, Jie Mo Tian

Abstract: This paper focuses on the influence on the mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite / poly-hydroxybutyrate (HA / PHB) composites by different...

Authors: Zhi Yuan Rui, Hong Yan Duan, Chun Li Lei, Xing Chun Wei

Abstract: Artificial neural network (ANN) back-propagation model was developed to predict the fracture design parameters in reinforced ceramic matrix...


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