Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Qing Chen, Yu Fei Zu, Jie Xie, Xue Song Fu

Abstract: High strain rate superplastic forming is the key issue of the industrial application of superplastic ceramic and is also an effective...

Authors: Chun Long Guan, Guo Qin Liu, Ying Chun Shan

Abstract: Cr2AlC ceramics (Cr:Al:C =1:1.2:1 mol.%) were synthesized by powder metallurgical method in argon in the temperature range of 700 to1250°C...

Authors: Xin Fang Cui, Shuang Quan Fang, Ying Jie Qiao, Qi Jia

Abstract: Ti5Si3 matrix composites reinforced by carbon nanotubes were fabricated by vacuum hot pressing sintering. X-ray diffraction and scanning...

Authors: Chang Ling Zhou, Yan Yan Wang, Zhi Qiang Cheng, Chong Hai Wang, Jie Fan, Cheng Gong Sun, Bao Lin Feng

Abstract: ZrB2-SiC and ZrB2-SiC-C ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs) were fabricated by pressureless sintering under an argon atmosphere. The...

Authors: Hai Long Wang, Shi Xun Zhang, De Liang Chen, Qian Fei Han, Hong Xia Lu, Hong Liang Xu, Chang An Wang, Rui Zhang

Abstract: ZrB2 powder has been prepared through carbothermal reduction boronization of zirconia/boron carbide/carbon mixtures heating assisted by...

Authors: Jian Feng Zhu, Guo Quan Qi, Bo Bo Liu, Fen Wang

Abstract: Fully dense and single-phase Ti3AlC2 bulk ceramic was successfully fabricated by a high energy milling and hot-pressing with Ti, C and Al as...

Authors: Fei Fei Zhou, Tao Zeng, Dai Ning Fang, Li Li Jiang

Abstract: The parameters, such as thermal expansion coefficient and Young's modulus, are considered as a function of temperature and incorporated into...

Authors: Xiao Pan Che, Shi Zhen Zhu, Li Juan Yang, Qiang Xu

Abstract: Ultra-fine ZrB2 powders and ZrB2-SiC composite powders were synthesized by solution-based method, using zirconium oxynitrate...

Authors: Xuan Liu, Qiang Xu, Shi Zhen Zhu

Abstract: ZrB2-SiC-B4C is sintered at 1700°C by spark plasma sintering process. The effect of B4C content on the mechanical properties and...

Authors: De Gui Zhu, Hui Yi Tang, Hong Liang Sun, Shuang Quan Guo

Abstract: Fully dense Ti3SiC2-64vol.%SiC(0.5m) composite materials are successfully fabricated by in situ synthesis under hot isostatic pressing. The...


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