Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Shi, Ye Sheng Zhong, Jia Yu, Xiao Dong He

Abstract: Ti3SiC2 is one of the nano-layered ternary ceramics Mn+1AXn, where M is a transition metal, A is an A-group (mostly IIIA or IVA) element,...

Authors: Xi Gao Peng, Jia Lin Sun, Gan Shi, Shao Ping Huang

Abstract: Based on an extensive comparison of test methods for abrasion resistance from home and abroad, a new technique for abrasion resistance at...

Authors: Xiao Jing Kou, Chun Bo Zhu, Jia Cai Fu

Abstract: The optical properties of two kinds of single-wall silicon nanotubes (sw-SiNTs) [(n, 0) and (n, n)] with small diameters are investigated by...

Authors: Yue Ming Li, Ting Ting Song, Fei Hu, Run Hua Liao, Bin Zhang

Abstract: Ca1-x(Li1/2Sm1/2)xTiO3 microwave dielectric ceramics in the x range of 0.70 ~ 0.80 were prepared by conventional ceramics fabrication...

Authors: Zhong Qing Tian, You Li Yang, Lin Lin

Abstract: LaAlO3 has gained attention in the last few years because of its favorable microwave dielectric properties, excellent lattice matching and a...

Authors: Yan Jie Zhang, Zhi Jun Xu, Rui Qing Chu, Ji Gong Hao, Guo Rong Li, Qing Rui Yin, Pei Ying Zhu, Xin Wu, Qing Jun Lu, Lei Ding

Abstract: Sr2Bi (4-x/3) Ti (5-x) VxO18 (x = 0.0-0.06) (SBTV) ceramics were prepared by a solid-state reaction method, and the ferroelectric and...

Authors: Ji Gong Hao, Zhi Jun Xu, Rui Qing Chu, Yan Jie Zhang, Qian Chen, Guo Rong Li, Qing Rui Yin, Na Chen, Min Cui

Abstract: Zr-doped Sr2Bi4Ti5O18 (SBTi) bismuth layer-structured ferroelectric ceramics were prepared and studied. XRD patterns revealed that all the...

Authors: Wei Li, Zhi Jun Xu, Rui Qing Chu, Peng Fu

Abstract: BaTiO3 ceramics doped with 1, 2, 3 and 4 mol% La were prepared by sol-gel method. The effects of La doping on structure and dielectric...

Authors: Yu Qin Zheng, Guo Qiang Tan, Hong Yan Miao, Zhong Liang He, Ao Xia, Hai Yang Bo

Abstract: HfO2 thin film was successfully prepared on the silicon substrate by the Liquid Phase Deposition (LPD) and functionalized organic...

Authors: X.A. Mei, Min Chen, A.H. Cai, K.L. Su, Chong Qing Huang, Z.M. Wan

Abstract: Tb4O7-doped bismuth titanate (BixTbyTi3O12 BTT) thin films were fabricated on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates by rf magnetron sputtering technique,...


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