Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ren Zhong Shuai, Hong Lei Zheng, De An Yang

Abstract: The thick-film metallization of AlN has received considerable attention because of its potential applications in electronic packaging. Here...

Authors: Bo Song, Jun Hui Xiang, Fu Shi Zhang, Li Xing, Xiao Hong Liang, Shi Wei Chen

Abstract: In this paper the authors discribed the convergent synthesis of a novel hyperbranched polymer, tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq3)...

Authors: Wang Chen Long, Jun Hu, Jin Liang He, Jun Liu, Feng Chao Luo

Abstract: The additive of Al(NO3)3 was doped into ZnO varistors in order to reduce their residual voltages. Some of doped Al3+ enter the ZnO grains...

Authors: Guo Quan Qi, Jian Feng Zhu, Hai Bo Mao, Yang Wu, Hai Bo Yang, Fen Wang

Abstract: High voltage zinc varistors was synthesized by high energy milling with Pr6O11 doped ZnO-Bi2O3 system as raw materials. The effects of...

Authors: Yan Yan Chen, Ming Zou, Yuan Wang, Yun Zhang

Abstract: Influences of sintering temperature on microstructure and electrical properties of TiO2 varistor ceramics were investigated. Morphologies of...

Authors: Ming Zou, Yuan Wang, Yan Yan Chen, Yun Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the TiO2-based varistor ceramics added different donor additives were prepared and their propreties had been compared. The...

Authors: Ji Kang Yan, Guo You Gan, Jing Hong Du, Jia Lin Sun

Abstract: The effects of sintering temperature on microstructure, micro-composition, barrier structure and electrical properties of TiO2 varistors...

Authors: Li Yun Cao, Jian Feng Huang, Jian Peng Wu, Hai Yan He

Abstract: Sr2CeO4 nanocrystallites were prepared by a sonochemical process with a later heat treatment using CeO2 and SrCO3 as source materials. The...

Authors: Ming Liang Li, Hai Long Wang, Rui Zhang, Jing Li, Jun Hao Li

Abstract: SiC powders with nickel powders and sintering aids were prepared by pressureless sintering at 1500oC under a N2 atmosphere. XRD, TEM, SEM...

Authors: Hao Shan Hao, Jin Qin Ye, Yong Tao Liu, Xing Hu

Abstract: Pb- and La-substituted (Bi,Pb)2(Sr,La)2Co2Oy samples were prepared by solid-state reaction method and the effect of element substitution on...


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